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Updated on September 01, 2011
R.S. asks from Cooperstown, NY
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Friends ,

My son will be starting school next week , he will be gng to kindergarten ., and i have no idea as what to pack for his lunch ... I am originally from india , and back home its totally different from here .. do u provide water / juices from home ..... The school want us to provide 2 snacks and lunch .. Please advice .....

Is it ok to send his lunch in Disney Cars lunch bag ...

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answers from Honolulu on


his own water bottle.
Insulated lunch bag, with a 'blue-ice' pack in it to keep it cold.
label everything, with a Sharpie. Using his 'initials.' Not his full name.

The preference is water.
Not juice.
But it is up to you.

the 2 snacks are for recess or snack time.
Just something easy. Not a 'meal.'
Crackers, Goldfish, cheese, or rice. I love when my Indian friend makes her rice. I Love Indian food.
Just pack, what your son will eat and what he likes.

Snack quantities, are just snack size. Not meal size. Even just putting something in a Ziplock baggie.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Well, pack what he likes and what is good for him.

Snacks: small boxes of raisins, an apple, a banana, a non-nut granola bar, fruit snacks, goldfish crackers, pretzel sticks....

Lunch: Does he like a sandwich? Small salad? Fruit cups? Jello or pudding? Raw veggie sticks? You can add a small package of crackers, or cookies, or small candy treat.
If he prefers warm meals you can get a small Thermos, heat it, heat the food and it will stay warm until lunch.
Some schools have a no nut policy because of the nut allergies. You might want to check into that.
Good luck!

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answers from New York on

i would pack what he likes. My son has been in daycare since last September. I pay for his lunch that the school provides. However, I can pick what days I want to pay for. They have things on their list, that I know he won't eat.

I purchase a thermo food storage for warm and cold food. I got my from Target. So my answer is, what you think is best. You know what he will eat.

They mostly don't warm the food so I do suggest getting something that holds heat long enough for your son to eat a warm lunch if you like. :)

I saw this new lunch bag on TV Its called Pack it. I am going to order one. You dont need to put blue ice packs in it. You just need to put the bag in the freezer and hit holds food freash for 10 hrs. :) sounds good to me. I will probably using it more in the warmer months.



answers from Seattle on

Just send whatever he eats at home for snacks and lunch.

Do make sure that you pack his snacks seperate from his lunch bag. In many cases, the lunch bag might get taken out of his classroom and held someplace else (cafeteria or fridge) until it is lunchtime. So you want to make sure he has his snacks in a seperate bag that stays in the classroom. Also, then there is not confusion about what you intended as a snack and for his lunch.
If you check out she has a whole series on lunch ideas right at the top of her page. But for starters just pack what he likes that can be sorta room temperature and doesn't need to be heated up.
The Car's lunch bag will surely be a hit! :)



answers from New York on

We had an Indian student, who used to bring a traditional Indian snack. I can't remember what it was called, but it was really good and he said it was a type of Indian cereal and they eat it dry. It looked like little flakes and tasted like spicey crushed chips. (It comes in a small container, but you can put it in a zip lock baggie.) You can also use fabric paint on the lunch box for putting his name on it. Some schools do not allow hard lunchboxes and prefer you buy the soft fabric kind, because the kids hit each other with them sometimes.



answers from New York on

I would also make sure that you send in food that can be easily opened. I got my daughter A stainless steel bottle from target. It has a button thAt you press and the top pops open.

I plan on sending in a sandwich, maybe turkey or chicken.
Plus 2 snacks
Some ideas are
goldfish, cheese stick, grapes, orange- peeled, banana, pretzels .

Check with the school, they may have a wellness plan and you can only send in "healthy" snacks

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