Lump on Stomach Under Skin

Updated on December 08, 2011
M.M. asks from Tucson, AZ
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I have a lump maybe the size of a pee an inch up and an inch to the right of my belly button.
Its under the skin and not noticable at all. i just happened to be pushing on my stomach wondering why its so hard and i cant suck it in. And i felt a little pain and noticed something hard.
I am not asking for medical advice just curious if anyone else has had one?
What do you think about it?
I googled it and of course could be a number of things. lol

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answers from Dallas on

I had something just like that for several years. It never bothered me and the doctors weren't worried by it either. It eventually grew to about the size of a nickel and got really red and painful. The doctor said it somehow had become infected and had to lance and drain it (SO gross). It healed and I still have a small scar.

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answers from Chicago on

I was born with a hernia above my belly button. Never caused any problems, but it was removed when I was in fifth grade. It was bigger than a pea and protruded slightly but wasn't really noticeable. I would just try to point it out to my doctor at the next regular visit unless the pain continues.

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answers from Charlotte on

I've had one in my arm and one behind my knee for many years. Doc said to just leave them alone.

However, you should determine if yours is a hernia. A hernia needs to be repaired if it gets bigger because you can have an emergency with your organs coming through the hole.


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