Lump on Inside of Lip After an Injury?

Updated on November 15, 2011
B.W. asks from Seattle, WA
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My 20-month old daughter fell last week and injured her lip on the inside. It bled a lot at first but stopped and she seemed fine after awhile, so we didn't take her to see the doctor. But there was a lump from the injury on the inside of her lip. A week later it doesn't seem to be going away and it is hard to the touch. My husband is worried it is scar tissue. Any suggestions? Edited to add: The lump is actually noticeable from the outside. Hard to explain but it is further up on her lip so it looks almost like she has a growth on her lip and it almost seems to be pushing the outer lip out a little.

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Her body hasn't absorbed the bleeding into the tissue, that's all. As others say, the mouth heals very fast, so the skin probably closed while there was still some bleeding. It may take up to a month to go away, so please don't worry.

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Mouth injuries take a while to go down. Think about when you accidentally bite the inside of your cheek. Two days later, you bite it again. Three days later, yep.... bit again. It gets puffy and stays that way until you have a stretch of not aggervating it long enough for the puff to go down. I would think that's all this is. A fat lip that keeps getting dinged. I'm sure she'll be fine but call the doc if you're concerned about it.

...While it may take a while for the puffiness to go down, the mouth is one of the fastest healing places on our body. I know a little girl that was running around with her tongue out & she tripped. She bit through 75% of her tongue. The ER didn't even put stiches in it because it will heal that quickly on it's own. And it did. Scar tissue free. I know it's not quite the same but I'm just sayin' how durable the mouth is.... Once you quit biting it. LOL!

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answers from Houston on

Inner lip injuries often take awhile to go away because they get continually bumped, bitten, licked... I would call your nurse's line at the pediatrician and describe it very well and ask their opinion if it would need to be looked at, but it's probably fine and will be gone in a week or so.

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It could be a plugged salivary gland. A long time ago I had this round 'thing' on the inside of my lip and thought it was a pimple but I couldn't get anything to ooze out of it (sounds groose, I know). It just go bigger so I went to the dentist. They had to numb my mouth and cut/scrape it out. I have no idea what caused it for me. I would keep an eye on your daughter's lip and make sure it doesn't get red or warm to the touch - that means it's infected.

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answers from Portland on

It could be scar tissue, and if so, it's probably no big deal. Be grateful it's not on the outside.

I've lived 60 years with a few big, lumpy scars inside my lower lip. I was apparently a clumsy little kid when my teeth were growing in.


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It could be a tiny swollen gland. I get them from time to time. If it doesn't go away in another week or so you might have a Dr take a look at it. As a kid I had 2 benign cysts taken out of my thumb.



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hello. my 3 yr old fell and hit his mouth, it formed a mucocele. Its caused by oral trauma and very common in children. the only way to get rid of it is to have it surgically removed...I KNOW! I KNOW! it sounds scary and it is, but the surgeryis quick,she will probably be put under like my son, for about 20 min. but i assure you everything will be fine. My son was put under, and the lump was removed. he was in pain for about to 2-3 days but afterwards, he was fine PRAISE GOD. I was very worried. that was the longest 20 min me, from mom to mom. it's nothing, have it removed, and get on with your lives, it's not bad. popsicles did the trick for my baby, im sure it'll work for yours for after the surgery! good luck!!!!!



answers from Seattle on

I will say from experience myself, it is probably scar tissue, but the size should/will reduce but it will take a little time, but she will probably have a little lump permamently. I would say that within a month or two, it will probably have reduced to the size it might remain at.
I was able to have mine fixed by my dentist. I was going to go to a plastic surgeon, but my dentis said they could do it and it was a super quick fix. It was just done with novacaine, but I am an adult and I'd expect that a little one would be a little hard just because of sitting still, etc.
I did it about a year or so after my injury to make sure it was the smallest it would possibly be. I still have a very very small bump and it is only noticeable by me when I rub my tongue over it now.
So, wait it out a bit more. Lip/mouth injuries seem to last longer than others and you might be surprised that it goes away. But rest assure that it is most likely fixable too if it comes to that....



answers from Seattle on

Since I was a little girl, whenever I would have a mouth trauma, I would get these round, hard areas on the inside of my mouth. Sounds gross, but I would chew on them and then they would get worse and larger. OR, I would accidentally bite them when eating and they would swell. My doctor prescribed Triamcinolone (is a topical steroid. It reduces the actions of chemicals in the body that cause inflammation, redness, and swelling).

Just recently, I had a swollen bump (Mucocele) in my mouth. It was large and I kept chomping on it (accidentally). I used the kenalog (triamcinolone) on it and after about three applications it started going down. I didn't put any more on it and within a week it was gone.

I would suggest asking your dentist or doctor about it if it's still there in a week or so. The kenalog paste was super easy to apply and is really sticky, but not horrible tasting or anything. Good luck!

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