Lump on 3 MO Babies Back!

Updated on January 19, 2015
L.R. asks from West Palm Beach, FL
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A few days ago I was rubbing my sons back and I felt a bump. It's about halfway sown his back, about a half inch from his spine on the right. It is under the skin, soft, and squishy, about the size of a pinto bean. It moves around so it doesn't seem to be attached to anything underneath. There is no discoloration and it doesn't seem to hurt him when I touch it. The doctor says she is almost certain there is nothing to worry about and that it may just be a dermitoid cyst or a lipoma. But she said that because of the closeness to the spine that he should have an MRI. I schedualed one for this Friday.

Has anyone ever seen or heard about anything like this!!??? I can't find anything about a lump on a babies back when I searched on the Internet..

Any ideas?
Thank you!!

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answers from New York on

I had a friend with a benign lump in her arm for years as a kid. She had it checked out by a specialist but it wasn't anything bad. This was over 20 years ago and she is a perfectly healthy adult now.

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answers from McAllen on

Its probably nothing, wait for the MRI my mom had one on her back as well but it grew too much a bit bigger than a cherry so it had to be removed, she is really healthy and she never had any complications. Don't worry, Good Luck =)

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answers from Pensacola on

My daughter had a lump on her back as a baby/toddler. It was diagnosed as a hymangioma (sorry, don't know how to spell it). It is basically a mole without the coloration. I dissolved on it's own when she was 5 or so.

The doc diagnosed with with an ultrasound.


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answers from Portland on

Did you look up dermotoid cyst and lipoma? It's my guess that even a baby could have one but they may not be common. They are benign. I googled the two terms you used and found these two sites. There are other sites that you can follow if you want.

She may have said a dermoid cyst. Here is a web site about that.

and here is a site for lipoblastoma which is a kind of lipoma.

My Dad had and my brothers have lipomas on their arms which they have not had removed. They are benign and could be thought to be unsightly but my brothers don't mind them.

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answers from Atlanta on

my name is H. i have a 11 month old son he has a lipolma on his back ecactly like your lil gurl except his is on the left, my doctor told me yesterday. i've been researching this, which my doctor has referded me to a surgeon!!! to remove the tumor or cyst, my nerves are a wreck also. they say its very rare for babies our age to have these type things they're mostly non cancerous thank god. Im still very concerned!!!! my sons has been there for about 3 weeks that i know of. what about your lil gurl? we need to stay in touch about this it would make me feel alot better.



answers from Denver on

Hi my boyfriend has a little girl that is 4 months old and she has TWO bumps on her back about an inch from her spine. She is a big girl for her age so we are concerned about her health as it is however when we ask her mother what the doctor thinks about the bumps she says its nothing just rub them down every night like a knotted muscle but how could TWO bumps the size of GOLF BALLS be nothing ? I have been looking everywhere for information and cant find any either.

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