Luck with Homeopathy, Herbs, or Nutrition for Asthma?

Updated on January 15, 2011
K.D. asks from Truth or Consequences, NM
8 answers

My son has intermittent asthma and I was wondering if anybody has had any luck with alternative treatments. I have albuterol, steroids, etc. if he has an attack. Just wondering if anyone has had success with alternatives.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Asthma is a symptom not a disease so look to treat the underlying cause. More than likely you will want to look for an allergy(s).

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answers from Portland on

I've used several herbs for several years, both protectively to reduce the incidence of attacks, and in emergencies to open airways when I'm wheezing. I don't want to list these because I assume your son in six or younger, and it would be safest to get treatment through a trained herbalist. Some herbs should not be given to younger children.

I've also had tremendous relief from acupuncture treatments. I think for children they can use acupressure instead of needles.

You should be aware that steroids do NOT give instant relief from an asthma attack, and if your son has been prescribed a cortisone inhaler, that should be used daily as directed to gradually reduce the irritation in his bronchial lining. Protection builds over a week or two. Albuterol does work instantly.

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answers from Los Angeles on

asthma can get so serious, so fast, I would follow what your pediatrician says only, especially if he is quite young. I made charts and kept a very close eye on any and all symptoms for reference with my middle DD, so that I had very accurate information when she started up. It helps to have it all written down, to see patterns, triggers etc, and to keep track of when the meds are dispensed.

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answers from Honolulu on

...I have had Asthma since childhood.
And, certain foods will trigger it too... or alcohol etc.

For each person, it is different.
No matter what... you NEED to use the Albuterol/steroids... if/when he has an attack. Asthma... is very serious and deadly. And it happens quickly... with no warning often times.....

As a daily thing, if you want to try alternative treatments... it is best if you go to a Professional. Not just grabbing something off the shelf and trying it. It could.... adversely.... affect your child's asthma... even if it may work for another person..... and you cannot predict that.

Asthma.... occurs as an 'attack'..... which then requires certain quick acting medicine. Then, there is everyday "maintenance".... for asthma. Then, at least for me... I get Asthmatic also when I catch a cold....

Ideally, you need to see a Professional Naturopath or Holistic Doctor. Do not try and 'guess' at it yourself, or what to give your son.

All the best,

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answers from San Francisco on

Hi Mama
We had fantastic results with alternative treatments.
When my son was a year old he had terrible problems with breathing at night and a continuos blocked nose.
The doctors prescribed him inhalers,steriods etc. The doctor said he suspected asthma but he couldn't make a concrete diagnosis due to the age of my son.
I decided to go the alternative route. I went to a holistic therapy centre and he had a bio resonance test done. This is where they take a piece of hair and using a machine they scan the body's energy field,which mirrors the actual state of the body organs and system.
This test showed that he was allergic to wheat,apples,dairy,sensitive to harsh cleaning products and had a severe infection in his nose that was causing mucus to drip down into his lungs causing the problems.
They started him on a course of homopathic remedies .I stopped the inhalers(solely my choice). The difference to him in a few weeks was fantastic.
He is now three and a half and he has not been to a doctor in two years. I take him to the holistic centre approx three times a year and remedies described if needed.
He still has problems with his nose and breathing at times .I find changes in the weather affect him but it is totally under control and he is a very healthy three year old.
Now that is my story,for us going the alternative route was the best choice for us.
Of course you know whats best for your child.
Whatever you decide ,best of luck



answers from Dallas on

I started taking a great nutritional supplement almost a year ago for several health issues, one of which was asthma. I have definitely experienced great improvements in my health. There is a kids' version of it which both of my children take (ages 2 and 3), and we've also seen improvements with their immune systems and allergies. I actually spoke with a lady when my family started on the supplement to get some info about how much to give to kids, etc, and she has an incredible testimony about how it has not only helped her children but also the kids in her daycare. With the permission of the parents, she gives the kiddos in her daycare the supplement each day, and she said it is a completely different place because of how strong their immune systems are, and several of the kiddos were no longer needing nebulizers! Anyway, it has helped us dramatically and improved our quality of life. Let me know if you'd like more info about it. Good luck to you!



answers from Provo on

Not really much help but I use a humidifier and it helps a lot.



answers from Atlanta on

Hi K.D.,

Asthma usually has triggers. I have recommended to Moms th detox their home and remove the synthetic chemicals. Outgassing occurs and aggravates the respiratory system, even for those that do not have asthma. Nurological problems can occur as well with harsh chemicals in the home. I have a friend that has three children diagnosed with Asthma and they have been symptom free since they detoxed the home.

I also believe upper cervical chiropractic care that strengthens the immune system will also deter attacks.

Nutrition and food is terribly important but it is for every thing in our lives. The better the nutrition, the better the immune system works. When the immune system is working as it should, then symptoms don't appear....

God bless,


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