Luau Bridal Shower Games

Updated on August 09, 2008
B.P. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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Hi everyone. I am helping a friend throw a Luau bridal shower. I was wondering if anyone out there would have any great fun ideas for games we can play. We got the decorations covered of course. Just kind of stuck on the games. Don't want the "traditional" bridal shower games. Want something fun and outrageous!!

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We had a fun one for my bridal shower where they packed a suitcase full of crazy clothes that were supposedly for my honeymoon. I was blindfolded, and had to dress myself with everything in the suitcase (a big dress, a hat, a feather boa, etc...)in front of everyone--not having seen the clothes first, so guessing what they were was half the fun.



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Hi B.,

I just threw a baby shower for my sister. Because we charged "a bag of diapers" for admission, I wanted to be sure that everyone went home with a gift. I came up with a White Elephant game that turned out to be a huge hit. First I had collected bags from previous purchases to all different retail locations. Then I went through the house to find anything I was willing to give up as a nice gift. Ideas are: purses, jewelry, candles, dvd's, stuffed animals, cake mixes & frosting, etc... Because we had 45 guests I also had to purchase some items but I'm extremely frugal and was able to pull this off on a tight budget. Now if your shower is smaller than I would recommend just having your traditional White Elephant rules. Ours was too large a group and it would have taken too long. So I changed things up a bit... I made a chart that had 45 numbers on it. As each person arrived they picked their own number off the chart and we wrote it on their name tags(be sure to cross off the number once it has been picked). Later I put 45 numbers in a fish bowl and to start the game they each pulled out a number. This was the order they got to pick their gift. No one got to trade for the first round! Then when all the gifts were opened we had them refer to the number they picked when they arrived at the party. Number 1 got to keep her gift or trade it with whoever she wanted to. Then number 2 did the same and so on. The feedback was great! Everyone had a great time and everyone got to go home with a gift.

Your question was a great one! I'm sure everyone is getting tired of the same ol shower games :o)

Best of luck,



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My Aunt Lisa did a game at my baby shower that was so much fun. I bet if you got a little creative you could make it work for a bridal shower. Here is the game...You need two pieces of poster board, 18 pieces of paper that have been cut to 3x5 inch rectangles (if you use different colors and patterns on the paper it makes it very pretty, and 9 different kinds of candy bars. This is set up like a memory game. On each poster board you tape 9 of your 3x5 pieces of paper spaced evenly apart. Under each of the squares on the first piece of posterboard, you write words that relate to the names of your candy bars. Here is the fun part. The names of the candy bars can also mean something fun - for example - if you get a package of Whoppers, you can write the word orgasms. If you use Twix, you can write breasts. If you get a Whatchamacallit, well I hope you get the picture. Once you have written a word under each of the squares on your first poster board, you write the same words in different spaces on the second board. At the shower, you go around the room and have your guests try to make a match. If they don't make a match, then you go on to the next person. If they do make a match, then their prize is the candy bar. Let me tell you, we had a blast with this one! Good luck - if you have any questions, email me at



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When everyone arrives have them dress up (over their clothes if the want) with hula garb and take a Polaroid picture. Write a caption on the bottom for a scrapbook for the bride to remember the fun she had at her shower. Maybe you could do a limbo. Or toss the coconut, when you get the coconut you need to give some advise or say something funny about youself or your marriage. Try to keep it positive. No negative comments about marriage or the groom. She is really looking forward to her big day and long life with this man and she doesnt need to hear anything she won't learn over time anyway.If there will be alcohol serve some sangria or rum punch and the fun will make itself. I hope you have a great time.

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