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Updated on February 12, 2008
S.C. asks from Norwood, PA
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my ob/gyn told me that on my last blood test at 28 weeks, my platelets were borderline. i was then told that i would be re-tested at my 34 week appointment and again during labor to see if there were any changes. he said that if they were too low that i might not be getting an epidural! i've had 4 deliveries in the past with an epidural and i honestly don't think i could go through this one, as miserable as i've been, with no pain meds. has anyone else out there had a problem like this? was anyother drug offered? help!

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So What Happened?

thanks ladies. i have my next appointment tomorrow. i should be getting another blood test to see about my counts. i am really hoping for an epidural but......i know the baby will come inevitably. i will let you all know. i think i will talk to her about alternate pain relief just in case.

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Hi S., How are you. I actually have a low platelet disorder, it is called idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura(ITP), also known as immune thrombocytopenic purpura, is classified as an autoimmune disease. You can bruise easily and once you get a cut, the clotting can take some time, depending on how low your count is. They found this , when I was first pregnant. I went thru with the ITP roller coaster all through pregnancy, went to the lab and did CBC every 2 weeks to check my count. All through pregnancy, I was told that I will not get an epidural , so I was prepared. I went to couple of lamase class, and the midwives/nurses prepared me alot(breathing exercises), but ended up not needing epidural after all since I had a c-section(Baby was lying the other way).
Thank GOD blood count was high, so clotting was OK.

Don't worry, you will make it thru. We all have our angels with us. It might be hard in the begining, really practice alot with breathing. I did the breathing exercises, so did not really felt the labor pain , was 8 cm dilated when I got to the hospital. Have your support system with you in the labor room, like husband, mom, sisters. Good luck and GOD BLESS !!!

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Wondering if you have an update? I think you had your baby by now. Were you able to get an epidural? b/c i have low plateles and am freaking out if i cant get that epidural.



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I had two babies without epidurals. (not really by choice!!) My first was a whopping 10lbs 3 oz and my second was 8lbs, 11 oz. So yes, you can do it without drugs. Luckily, you should have a shorter delivery since it is your fifth delivery. But, if you are concerned, talk with your doctor and see what the alternatives are for pain relief. Good luck!



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Hi S. -
It would be the decision of the anesthesiologist if your platelets are too low for an epidural. If you can't have one, there are 2 medications called Nubain and Phenergan which are given together through an IV to help with pain. They do not take all of the pain away, but it takes the edge off and allows you body to relax and dilate. Good luck!!



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You can try to eat foods high in iron to try to boost your numbers prior to delivery. Are you on an iron supplement?? I had two deliveries without the epidural and one with and I am with you I would not want to do it again with out one. www.livegreeneasy.com



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Hi S.!
This exact thing happened to me. They started testing mine every week (can't remember exactly when) and the counts bounced up then down in a zig zag pattern. I felt fine, but noticed that any bruises I had took a lot longer to go away than ususal. Anyway, I too was told that an epidural might not be an option if they went too low. The bottom line is that it is up to the anesthesiologist and what their personal "limit" is regarding how low the platelets count can be and if they will still administer the epidural (but I was told they'd have to be pretty low before that would become an issue). I can't help you with information about another drug...I ended up with a c-section since my baby was breech. My counts bounced back up on delivery day, so I was able to have the spinal. Assuming yours is gestational onset, it fixes itself within a few weeks of delivery.

Good luck!!!!!

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