Low Grade Temp for 4-5 Days

Updated on February 04, 2011
M.B. asks from Oklee, MN
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hey there, my 2 yr old boy's had a low grade temp (100 to 102) since Monday. He hasn't had any other symptoms until yesterday & today, whcih included chest congestion, runny eyes & runny nose. Temp for the last 2 days has been 99 or so.
anyway, the weather's NASTY outside, but i'd like to take him to see the dr. just in case he needs antibiotics and they can get in his system so he can 1.) feel better and 2.) return to school monday so i can return to work.
i've decided i'm not gonna take him today b/c the roads are snowy/icey & that's just too much of a risk in my opinion. i was reading a health manual book for caring for your child and it said if the fever lasts this many days to take him to the doctor. the weather should be good the next 2 days, so i was planning on taking him then.
do you think it's fine to wait til sat/sun to take him? i'm sure it's fine, but we've been holed up for 5 days straight now - not even left the house, and just want some adult interaction, i guess! :)

thanks! :)

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answers from New York on

Yes, his fever is not high. BUT if he needs antibiotics, and let's say you find out on Sunday, then the antibiotics won't kick in for another 48 hrs, which will make you miss work monday and possibly tuesday.
but I hear there is this crazy virus going around that is causing fevers to last over a week. My rule of thumb is low grade fever for 3 days straight requires a doctor appointment on the 3rd day. High fevers, right away.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Fever is getting down so I don't think you should worry as long as he's eating and drinking ok, probably is just a virus....and is almost gone by now....

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answers from Los Angeles on

We are at the tail end of this right now!! All three of my kids got it and I did also. The fever lasted 6-7 days, and actually today is the first day that we are feverless (so far anyway). They got into the 103s a couple times but for the most part the fever was 101-102. My kids also had a mildly congested cough and a clear runny nose. We did get put on antibiotics but honestly I think it was viral because my son, who was 3 days behind my daughter did not get better any quicker with the antibiotics than she did...his fever still continued even with antibiotic treatment right to the 6-7 day mark. I really think that this virus that is going around right now just happens to be long...take care... having a kid that is sick this long sucks!!

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answers from Seattle on

I think he will be fine, just make sure that he is getting plenty of fluids, and give him tylenol for the fever, and cuddle him. Sounds like because of the weather his little body is just fighting the cold. Keep him bundled and 1 or two days wont do any harm. Especially cause of the roads. If it gets any worse, then call the on call nurse at the pediatricians office to see what she thinks and go from there.
Hope he feels better soon!



answers from Minneapolis on

My 4 year old daughter developed a fever on Monday, it would range from 100 - 102. She had also had a cold for 2 weeks and been coughing for 2 days so I was concerned it was pnumonia so I took her in Tuesday (in horrible weather). the Dr said she had some wheezing (a very tiny bit) in her lungs and they had us get her a nebulizer (which was $299 and I know our insurance wont pay for because of deductable), the med to put in it, and instructions to use it 3x a day. Wed night she even got up to 103 when the Ibroprofin wore off at 4am. We had a follow up appointment yesterday, lungs were clear as a bell, they took blood (another $ in lab work) and everything looked fine. DR said it is a virual infection and is common to cause fevers for 7-10 days, and to call if she is still having a fever on Monday.

I blame winter in MN.

If your DR is open sat/sun I would think it is fine to wait. The risk of the icy roads might be worse than the risk of waiting, you can always go to the ER if the temp gets to 104 or 105 (not sure what the rule is with a 2 year old).



answers from Los Angeles on

My 3 kids just had the same symptoms two weeks ago... starting on a Monday--Friday I took them in and one tested positive for the flu----the treatment advised: rest and plenty of fluids. Doc said the flu can last for up to two weeks. By Tuesday they were ready to get back to school. My two year old was back to herself by then too. The low fever really wiped them out and even for a couple days back to school the older ones were coming home and napping by five but they were ok. I think as long as you're comfortable with his condition and not feeling panicky or anxious--it'll be okay. If you suspect infection, I'd suggest taking him in--especially if you plan to have him to school by Mon.

Good luck!!!


answers from Dover on

I would take him today. If he needs to be seen, he needs to be seen.

A temp means his body is fighting something (doing it's job) so you just need to determine if it is something that requires medication or just needs to run it's course. If medication is required, the sooner it is started the better you will be.



answers from Philadelphia on

My 6yo daughter had the same thing over Christmas. Turns out she had strep throat. It's best to see a doctor since he's been like this all week. Try to make appt. as soon as you can, but also be mindful of the roads. Good luck!!



answers from Washington DC on

He could have the flu. Its taking on a 'cold' type flavor this year. As long as you are keeping the fever in check, waiting until tomorrow should be fine. I would go ahead and call the dr. to get their opinion and schedule an appt. for late morning.


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