Low Fat Salad Ideas

Updated on March 22, 2009
Y.D. asks from Chino Hills, CA
6 answers

Do any of you have great low fat tasty salad and homemade salad dressing ideas? I've run out of ideas and most I find on the internet are too exotic for my taste( ok ok I confess I'm a picky eater, but I want to set an example for my family). Thank You all for any suggestions.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi Y.: I've started to eat salads everyday. The salad dressing I've been using has been 2 Tbsp. of olive oil, about 4 TBSP. of seasoned rice wine vinegar, 1 Tbsp. or so of soy sauce and a packet of Splenda artificial sweetener. I mix it all up and add it to my salad. I've using spinach, coleslaw mix (cabbage is great for you!), romaine lettuce, green onions, red bell peppers, cucumbers, bean sprouts (protein), and various other vegetables I might have on hand. I also will put in chicken, salmon, or turkey from last night's dinner or whatever other meat I have on hand for protein, as well as kidney beans. This makes a delicious, filling, high-fiber, high-protein and low carb salad. The olive oil is a good oil, so don't worry about the fat in that. Bon appetit!



answers from Reno on

Girards fat free balsamic vinaigrette is very tasty. Fat free and only 25 calories per 2 table spoons. I usually like fatty ranch, lol...but this works and is pretty yummy.



answers from Los Angeles on

This is our families favorite taco salad recipe. I've given you a low fat version:

Brown 1 ib ground turkey with taco seasoning. Add turkey to 1 pint fat free sour cream (or fat free ranch if you don't like sour cream). Refrigerate overnight.

Add cold meat mixture to lettuce and a variety of mix-ins-olives, tomatoes, low-fat shredded cheese, garbonzo, black and or kidney beans, chiles, onion or bell peppers, salsa. Anything can go in this. Crisp up tortillas in the oven for added crunch (though I usually use fritos). It's so yummy and good eats on a hot summer day.



answers from San Diego on

i like cut up pears in my salad. slivered almonds are another fun way to get some crunch for a few healthy fats



answers from Honolulu on

To make any low-fat salad dressings, you just omit the oil or the mayo in it. Because this is where the "fat" comes from.
But, even if there are oils in a salad dressing, for example olive oil, it does not mean it is 'unhealthy.' Because olive oil is a healthy oil.
Here are some links for ideas:





answers from Las Vegas on

Hi Y.,
I eat green salads every day. Iceberg lettuce has no nutritional value so I like to use Romain lettuce. I am fine using tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, and a few croutons. To add a bit of flavor to this, I add sun dried tomatoes. I like to use vinaigrette, it is usually only 60 calories per 2 tblspns. I will usually add two capfuls.

When I need a change, I use field greens and a bit of spinach. They are a bit more bitter, so I add almonds and craisons. You can also use halved red grapes. The sweetness offsets the bitterness of the lettuce.

You can also add chicken and corn to the romain lettuce salad and use Wishbones Western dressing. Roast the corn on a skillet for only a few minutes, otherwise it will become chewy.

In any event, green leafy veggies are good for you.

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