Louisiana's Cutoff Date for Starting School?

Updated on October 24, 2007
C.B. asks from Metairie, LA
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What is the date that schools cutoff at to let your child in school? At what age should they start school?

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answers from Baton Rouge on

Child has to be 5 on or before September 30 for kindergarten.
Child has to be 4 on or before September 30 for pre-k.

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answers from Lafayette on

They have to be 4 by Oct 1st to start pre-k and 5 by Oct 1st for kindergarten.



answers from New Orleans on

Children have the option to start pre-school as young as 3 but I believe Louisiana state law requires that children be registered in some sort of educational program (public, private or home school) at 5 years old.... if the child's birthday is before September 30 he/she should register for for school within the summer of the year he turns 5; if the child's birthday is October 1 or later he would register the summer before his 6th birthday. If your friend has missed these deadlines already then she can register her child for public school at any time throughout the year but may run into problems if her child is behind on what is currently being taught and he/she might get held back.
Hope I've been of some assisstance... feel free to message me if you need any more help.



answers from Nashville on

In TN the child must be 4 by October 2.



answers from Nashville on

You can call the board of education that they can tell you exactly, but when my kids started the date was somewhere the first of Aug. I had a son that was 4 and would be 5 on Aug 7 and they said that he couldn't start that year, that he would have to wait. I had one that had a birthday July 27 and he got to start on time with everyone else. The boy that had the bday Aug 7th, was the baby and he started later than his friends, then in kindergarten he was such a mamma's baby that I held him back on my own. Now that he is in high school it is really hard on him because it seems that he is almost 2 yrs ahead. I like it that way, but he doesn't. But if you call your school board, they can tell you exactly.



answers from Knoxville on

I am originally from Louisiana. I'm not sure what you are asking as far as a cutoff date to let your child in school. They can be enrolled any time of the year. In LA, you are not required to enroll in school until age 7. But generally, as everywhere, if they are emotionally and socially ready, Kindergarten starts at age 5.



answers from Shreveport on

I think that the cutoff may vary by state, but in most parishes in Louisiana your child must be 5 years of age by on or before September 30 of the year he or she enters kindergarten.

If you are in a competitive public school district or plan to enroll your child in a private school, I would strongly recommend at least K-4 and probably K-3 to insure that your child is ready for kindegarten. They will be expected to have a mastery of letters and their sounds, numbers, shapes and colors before they enter kindegarten. Those without pre-school tend to be far behind.

Best of luck!



answers from New Orleans on

In Louisiana public schools your child must turn five before or on September 30th of the year he/she starts kindergarten. My daughter's birthday is October 15 and although she started out in private school where she could have started at age 4, I waited and started her the following year. It worked out fine for the most part, although it occassionally bothered her that she was a little older than most kids in her class, including her stepsister who was born August of the following year.



answers from Mobile on

In Mobile County, Alabama it is September 1st. If you child turns 5 Sepetember 3 then they have to wait till the following school year.



answers from New Orleans on

The cutoff date is September 30. My daughter misses it by just a few days!. She just turned 2 and I have her in a mother's day out program for 2,3,and 4 years olds.The 2 year olds go 2 days a week, 3 yrs go 3 and so on. Some real schools start at 3 years old, I think most start at pre-k which I think is 4 years old.



answers from Biloxi on

I taught in St Tammany Parish and the cutoff was Sept 1. I'm pretty sure Sept 1 is the date just about everywhere now. You can always contact the district office of the school system. Pretty much anyone will be able to give you a definite answer.



answers from Grand Junction on

It depends on the Parish. You can check on the school board websites



answers from New Orleans on

they need to be 5 by September 30th to go into kindergarten

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