Lotion for Rough Dry Hands??

Updated on January 11, 2011
S.S. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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My hands are super dry and for whatever reason, right where my fingers meet my palm, the skin on a couple of fingers are calloused and really really rough...like sandpaper! Normal lotion doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions on what I might use/do to get soft "women hands" again??? Thank you!!

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answers from Bellingham on

Bath and Body Works makes a really great lotion called "lay it on thick" in their "true blue spa" line. Its really thick and rich. I LOVE it! Great for the winter dryness! And it smells good (but not too strong.) I think its cocobutter or shea butter...or both. : ) Try it!

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answers from New York on

I use Spa Wisdom Africa Spa Hand and Foot Butter from the Body Shop. I have the tub sitting right on my night stand and I use it every night before I go to bed. This is the first winter that I have used it, and it works wonderfully. It is kind of greasy, so I use it only at night.



answers from Joplin on

I am partial to Mary Kay's satin hand treatment, or even Avon has a brand called silicone glove which I love.

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answers from Houston on

Cetaphil for sure!! You can get it at Walmart. Wash your hands, DO NOT dry them, and rub the cream all over them. Then pat your hands dry. It seals in the moisture.

For more intensive... do the above, and then add more lotion after you pat your hands dry. Put your hands inside some soft gloves or socks. Try to sleep in them, or at least leave them on as long as possible.... Baby Soft hands!!

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answers from New York on

First you can get rid of the dead scratchy stuff using a little bit of olive oil and a half teasoon of sugar - pour about a nickel size of oil in your palm then add a little sugar. Thoroughly massage / rub it into your hands, between your fingers, etc. If you don't have olive oil use whatever oil you have. After a minute of this wash your hands. Your hands will instantly feel better.
I use avon intense moisture cream in a white tube with a big blue drop design on it. It's thick and odorless. I have eczema and it's one of the only creams I can use without irritation (and I have problems with lots of other Avon products - but not this one). It's not expensive either. Aveeno is OK - but it's expensive and not as good as this Avon cream. It also comes in a jar but it's not as thick and effective on my super-dry 51 yr old hands!

Good luck!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I can honestly say I leave a fine white powder inside my pants, my socks, my PJ's, everything. So I do have dry, dry skin, especially in the Winter. The only relief I can find is from Avon. It is the Moisture Therapy line. I have the bottle of Body Lotion for all over and the tube of Hand Cream for the especially dry skin, feet, elbows, and hands.

It is in white containers with a dark blue lid. It also has 3 light blue tear drops on the front.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Udderly Smooth -- a little hard to find, but worth the search!

Also try Silk Therapy oil ( a hair product) at night. Yummy smooth.



answers from Sacramento on

Burt's Bees hand cream is great. You should use a special cream for your hands at night, not the same lotion for your body and hands.


answers from Dover on

Try Renew Handwash and Lotion.



answers from Dallas on

for the actual dryness...try a cream instead of a lotion. creams will sink into the skin better. wearing the gloves at night will help also.


answers from Dallas on

I have a link if you are interested. It's what I use on my feet.

I also have a great hand lotion. You may need both.

I would also suggest you get yourself some old fashioned white gloves and try wearing them at night when you sleep after you put on a thick lotion. Then scrape those callous areas gently in the morning to slowly remove them.
Put on your hand lotion EVERYIME you wash your hands.

I am wondering wht you do for a living. Are the callouses where you hold a pencil or tool? Wearing gloves at work might help.


answers from Spokane on

We use Cetaphil cream in our house. Both my boys get eczema if I don't keep them lathered up and I use it regularly for my dry hands and so does my hubby.



answers from Chicago on

i am a hairstylist, so my hands are in the water all the time. plus i have a toddler who i'm potty training so i'm always washing my hands. the only lotion that works for my hands is Aveeno Intense Relief Hand Cream



answers from Cumberland on

Lol--With 4 children around and the amount of handwashing/dishwashing I do I can sympathize. I like Cetaphil because it doesn't irritate my hands when they are chapped and also Aquaphor before bed at night. Aloe vera on top of either of the two mentioned before is a great combo!



answers from Boston on

I've been using Aquaphor and sleeping with special gloves. (WalMart has a store brand version that is less expensive.) It helps a little. I would also recommend using rubber gloves when washing dishes.
Good luck,


answers from Kansas City on

i buy mine online. I dont know if you would be comfortable with that or not, but its amazing. its the only lotion that i use anymore because it helps so much.



answers from Chicago on

Mary Kay Satin Hands!!! Awesome stuff!


answers from Dallas on

I LOVE the one from Bath and Body.. True Blue Spa called Look ma, new hands

It is $12, lasts a long time, smells great, not a greasy feeling either.



answers from Atlanta on

Renew lotion is the only lotion I use and the only lotion I feel comfortable recommending. My 92 year old father used to have terrible eczema and psoriasis and it went away almost immediately when we started using Renew 7 years ago. It does heal quickly and even if you miss a day or two using it your skin retains the moisture better than anything else I've seen. I have a bottle in every room in the house!


PS Avoid buying it from any place other than the company. It's really quite inexpensive. Because the lotion is made more naturally than most lotions you don't want to buy something old that someone is selling on Ebay or Amazon.


answers from Dallas on

I'll second the Renew lotion, if you know someone who is a Melaleuca member. If not, I recently noticed someone selling it on Amazon. It's the best stuff ever, hands down (no pun intended! lol).



answers from Johnstown on

Absolutely, without a doubt, Mary Kay's Extra Emolient Night Cream! Ask your consultant for a sample. I'm sure you'll fall in love!



answers from Dallas on

Burt's Bees Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream.



answers from Dallas on

the original neutrogena hand lotion is incredible. Also, I noticed that I have to use rubber gloves now (winter and age) to wash dishes, do laundry, etc because my skin dries out more than it used to.
Lotion+ then gloves (the cute pink ones with frillies on the end)+ house chores = happy hands:)

good luck!



answers from San Diego on

3rd times the charm on trying to answer. Coconut oil is the best. It doesn't stain, it's all natural, lasts a long time and is the best moisturizer I found out there. I am an esthetician and HHP and use it all the time on my clients they love it.



answers from Eugene on

I use Moisture Therapy from Avon. I have also used Eucerin in the past too but it's a little more than Avon products. My hands crack so bad that they bleed because of my job and I am constantly washing my hands.


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