Lost Twin in First Trimester?

Updated on February 25, 2012
C.P. asks from Parker, CO
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Hi, mamas,

Has anyone every lost a twin in the first trimester of their pregnancy? I am currently pregnant - at first with twins, however, when I went in for an u/s the other day, we found that one of the twins no longer had a heartbeat. I've been spotting for quite a while, but now the spotting is getting heavier. I'm wondering if this is due to the miscarriage of one of the twins. The other twin has a very strong heartbeat, and it has increased from 138 on Monday to 154 on Wednesday. The doctor is very optimistic about the living twin, but is a little puzzled by the bleeding because he says that normally the miscarried twin gets absorbed by the body.

Has anyone else experienced a lost twin in the first tri? Did you bleed? What were your symptoms? How long did you bleed? How did your pregnancy turn out?

Thanks so much!

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answers from San Antonio on

I lost a twin at 10 weeks with my second pregnancy, I did have some light spotting, but nothing heavy. My beautiful, strong, healthy daughter was born Oct. 30, 2009.
Good luck and blessings to you.

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answers from Norfolk on

I carried twins and had bleeding at 15 weeks after, admittedly, overexerting myself. I went to the ER where they checked that both twins still had strong heartbeats and sent me on my way with a label of "threatened miscarriage" and orders to take it easy. The ER doc was fairly upfront about the fact that there really isn't a lot they can do at that stage. I am rh negative, so they went ahead and gave me my Rhogam shot "just to be safe." (Althought both twins are also rh negative, so I know now that was not the issue for the spotting.)

Sometimes spotting occurs for no known reason. It is perplexing to doctors, but pelvic rest and trying to remain as calm as possible is all they can really recommend. In my first pregnancy, my awesome OB said, "Your peace of mind is worth as much as any medical intervention we can provide." I love him!

I am sorry for the loss of one of your twins. Best wishes for an otherwise healthy and uneventful pregnancy.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

My daughter was pregnant with her second child and called me at work screaming she was having a miscarriage, for me to come to the ER.

When I got there the floor was covered with blood, clots, and goo. Every time she stood up more came out of her.

We found a bit of goo/clot that looked like a tiny baby so we felt sure she had miscarried.

They took blood from her and her hormone levels were less than they should be for someone as far along as she was.

She went home. A few weeks later, maybe a month or so, she called me at work again. She was at the ER again. She kept telling me they thought she was crazy and for me to come again. I went, by that time she was calmer and more rational.

She told the nurse, this wonderful older nurse who has seen it all, that she was still having the pregnancy symptoms, she was puking, breasts hurt, feeling bloated, etc...sounded like she was pregnant to me. The nurse said she was just probably pregnant again. My daughter was adamant she had not done anything to get pregnant again but that dead baby was still inside her and they had to get it out...she was kind of starting to freak again at this point.

The nurse humored her and had the doc send the phlebotomist in to draw blood for a pregnancy test and hormone levels to make sure they had gone down after the miscarriage. The girl came in and got a couple of vials of blood then left. My daughter told me to go find the nurse. She needed her to do an ultrasound.

The nurse came in, telling my daughter that is was useless to do this because they wouldn't be able to hear the baby's heart beat until she was more that 16 weeks along and she had just had the miscarriage a few weeks before.

My daughters heart rate was 90 somethings, she was stressed out after all. But her tummy's heart rate was over 145. She had lost one twin in a dramatic way but the other baby had stayed safely snuggled away in her womb.

It can happen, losing one but not the other is know to happen. Just stay in contact with the doc and if you see clots, goo, or large amounts of blood go to the ER and be sure to tell them what is going on so they can check the baby first.

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answers from Tulsa on

My MIL is 70 so they didn't have all the medical tests back then.

She lost a twin and it came out as a huge blood clot type thing. Freaked her out since she had given birth already. That was considered rare. Usually you have spotting and nothing more than a light period is what she was told.

His handicap was not related to being and losing a twin. Both twins would have had the genetic defect had it lived.

He was born healthy otherwise and she had an uneventful pregnancy.

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answers from Dallas on

My sister was suppose to have triplets, she found out she was pregnant when she spotted- She thought she might have just passed an egtopic pregnancy so she went to the doctor. She was half right, she was miscarrying for the second time during the same pregnancy. She had a birthing scare a couple months before the baby was born. She thought she was a having a miscarriage because it was almost as if her water broke. The baby ended up coming 5 weeks early. I don't really know much more about her symptoms but she has a beautiful little girl who is very healthy and very smart for her age.

What is also weird is this sister is a HEALTH NUT (in a kind of good way) and had had 2 children previous to this one without any health concerns whats so ever, so why she miscarried or why the birth scare or early birth? I don't know. In the end, we have to believe that it all worked out for the best.

Don't mean to scare you, everything could go perfectly fine with your baby's birth- like my sister's previous babies.

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answers from Denver on

I was pregnant with twins my second pregnancy but didn't know it. When I went into the doctor to confirm my pregnancy she said something was wrong and I'd probably lose the baby. Since I was only about 4 weeks along and had gotten pregnant one month after going off the pill, I was okay with this. My doctor scheduled an ultrasound just to check on things and the day before the ultrasound I started bleeding heavy with lots of clots so I figured I had miscarried. Imagine my surprise the next day when I went to the ultrasound and they found a heartbeat. I continued to bleed for the next two months (mostly spotting but it was continuous). I finally stopped bleeding when I hit my 4th month of pregnancy. After I delivered my daughter (who was just fine and healthy) the doctor ended up scraping out my uterus to get the rest of what was left of the other twin. I guess sometimes your body does not absorb the other twin. Good luck and I'm sure your baby will be just fine.



answers from Santa Barbara on

I have not but my sister has. She knew she was pregnant (not into a whole lot of prenatal care) and went to the ER when she was bleeding so very bad. They told her that she was having a miscarriage (in her mind this was a huge relief), at this point she has no idea there were twins (she was 40 years old at the time). When she went for her follow up it was quite a surprise that there was another baby there and at this point it was too far along for her usual abortion. The little boy is doing well and will be two in June.

Best of luck!!



answers from Denver on

I think it's always different. I lost a twin at 5 months and it did absorb. My pregnancieswere never "normal". Today I have a happy little 5 year old whose health issues have nothing to do with the difficult pregnancy. He came at barely full term, but I went into labor at 37 weeks and a few days with all 3 of my kids, so his pregnancy totally fit my norm. I'm so sorry for your loss. Of the 4 I lost, I miss my Little Man's twin the most. I hope every thing goes well from here on out.


answers from Nashville on

My last daughter was a twin. We lost Molly at the 4 and a half month marker. She was there and then she wasn't. The doctor told us that the healthy baby (Cordelia) absorbed the twin. That it was natures way of saying there was a problem. The whole cold/clinical explination. I had alot of complications prior to loosing her though. Because my job entailed me to long hours of standing in the heat,no access to food,and little sleep. But I didn't bleed. I'd definitely voice your concerns to your doctor. It may give you piece of mind. Molly was the 5th baby I've lost. Im sorry for your loss sweetie,I know it never gets any easier.



answers from Birmingham on

With my 1st pregnancy, lost a twin at about 10 weeks with what appeared to be a regular period for me, heavy and some small clotting. This continued for about 4 days and I felt terrible, like I had a mild case of the flu. The dr. checked me and all was still good with one baby just needed to stay off feet for a few days and take it easy. I delivered a big, healthy baby boy full-term and he's incredibly strong and smart. It was scary and I was sort of depressed at that immediate time but after my symptoms went away and no more spotting, I was so relieved that I still had a baby who was doing good. I looked forward to every dr. appt. to hear that thumping heart. No problems next pregnancy.