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Updated on December 30, 2006
C.F. asks from Fort Worth, TX
4 answers

I have lost my voice completely yesterday. I am not sick at all. My throat is a little sore now b/c I keep straining to talk to my daughter when I have to. Should I be concerned about losing it? At times during the day I feel as if my throat is swelling shut some. I have asthma and Im weazing a bit more too. I am having a surgery on Thur to have a mass removed from my back and I wonder if its safe to have my surgery if I still have no voice. Just wondering if anyone has any info on it...thanks.

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answers from Dallas on

You definitely need to 'speak' to your doctor about that. (No pun intended, but find a way to discuss it with him/her.)

Certain medications and other conditions can cause you to lose your voice. Your family doc would be the best to discuss this with, call their office today.

Best wishes!



answers from San Diego on

Hi C.,

I've had the same issue all week. Started out with a sore throat and by Wednesday night I was done, no more talking for me! I finally got to see a doctor today and it's a throat infection plus sinus infection. Get checked out before your surgery. The last thing you'll want is to not get it taken care of and then it possibly turn into pneumonia while you're trying to recover from that surgery.

Good luck with everything!!




answers from Dallas on

i agree that you should prob talk to your doc about that, i hope the surgery goes well.




answers from Dallas on

I loose mine a lot due to allergy issues. I would definately call on Tuesday and speak to the surgeon's nurse to tell her your symptoms to make sure they still want to operate.

Do NOT go to the emergency room or urgent care with this symptom this weekend - you will catch the flu as these places are packed on holiday weekends. Drink a lot of hot tea and suck on hard candies.

Good luck with your surgery - hope you are better soon.

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