Lost a Tooth at Age 4? - Elk Grove Village,IL

Updated on August 04, 2012
M.C. asks from Escalante, UT
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I'm surprised, is all, that my child lost a tooth at age 4.5. It was totally natural and just happened, etc. She got it at 4 months though. Is this totally unusual or not so unusual? LOL. I didn't expect this and was scrambling to find some tooth fairy cash.

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So What Happened?

She is super happy the tooth fairy came. Thanks, everyone!

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answers from Detroit on

My daughter started losing them early do to crowding. The dentist told me to start saving up for braces!
She is 7 and is about to lose her 9th tooth!!

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answers from Dallas on

Normal... My daughter was the first one in preschool to start losing teeth by 4. By 10 she had lost every tooth she was supposed to lose plus had her 12 yr molars.

Just make sure you have routine dental checkup's, sealants, etc and she should be fine. My daughter's mouth is perfect and the dentist could not believe she had never worn orthodontics! SHe is 17 now.

Also, my pediatric dentist told me to watch for my daughter to start her period earlier since her mouth was maturing so fast but she ended up being right on target as far as her cycle.. 12 yrs old.

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answers from Dallas on

If she got it early, then she's not really losing it early . . . she's right on schedule. My 5 1/2 year old, who is starting Kindergarten in a few weeks, has lost 6 teeth! Her older sisters definitely hadn't done that by the time they started K. But my little one got her first tooth a 3 months old, with the second following a month later. And she had more teeth a 1 year old than her sisters did. So of course it makes sense that her permanent teeth would be ready to make an appearance at an earlier age as well. No worries!



answers from Oklahoma City on

Totally normal. My daughter got her first tooth at 3 months. She lost all 4 top and all 4 bottom front teeth before she started kindergarten. She was bare gums from eye tooth to eye tooth.


answers from Kansas City on

my son is almost 6 and has four loose ones :(

our neighbor (my son's age) lost her first one right around her 5th birthday...seemed super early to me too!



answers from Chicago on

My son lost his first 4 teeth in preschool at ages 4.5 and 5 - he has a Nov. bday. When in Kindergarten he didn't lost his first tooth until spring - though he had the most adult teeth of anyone in the class - he didn't go on the new tooth chart until spring!



answers from San Francisco on

Wow! My GD did not lose her first tooth until she was 7! She's 10 now and has only lost probably the front 8 (4 on top and 4 on bottom)! She has overcrowding issues so we have seen an ortho - she will need braces but they can't really do anything in that regard until her eye teeth come down so they have a better idea of what they're dealing with.


answers from Lakeland on

This is normal. My daughter lost 4 teeth when she was 4 and now she has most of her adult teeth in and she is barely 6.



answers from Chicago on

Out of my four children, three got their first teeth at 6 mos and lost the first ones in kindergarten. One of mine got his teeth at 5mos and lost his first before kindergarten. Just funny how every child is different!



answers from Seattle on

Not abnormal (although relatively early).



answers from Detroit on

Daughter of a friend of mine just turned 5 a few months ago and has already lost 3! She lost her first one (bottom incisor) at age 4 and a second one shortly after that. Her mom said she got her first teeth in at 2 months so it makes sense!

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