Loss of Sense of Smell

Updated on October 09, 2008
P.N. asks from Dearborn, MI
6 answers

this question is about me... I have had seasonal allergies on and off most of my life... I have recently realized that I don't have my sense of smell. I can taste, but no smell. I have started meditation breathing, which has cleared my nasal passages. I think this is why I noticed my lack of smell. I can say it is only 6 months or so that I can't smell. Has anyone else had this happen? I had a baby a year ago and I am still breastfeeding.

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answers from Detroit on

P. ~
I agree with Lacy, you'r sense of taste comes from your sense of smell, so you must have some. You could probably ask your doctor, but I'm not sure that there's anything they can do about a decreased sense of smell. Maybe he'd send you to an ENT (ear, nose & throat) doctor.



answers from Grand Rapids on

My boss and I were talking about this problem last year. She mentioned that using certain nasal sprays that contain Zinc can cause problems.



answers from Kalamazoo on

My husband of 37 years gradually lost not only his sense of smell but also his sense of taste. Over our marriage he has dealt with chronic sinusitis. He tried allergy shots, antibiotics and sinus meds. He got temporary relief, but the symptoms always returned. All that changed two years ago when he went on an anti-candida diet.

There is a wealth of information on the internet about candida, which is basically a yeast infection. To "cure" it, you have to eliminate sugar (which feeds yeast) and dairy (which increases the production of mucus) from your diet. After changing his eating habits, both his senses of taste and smell returned. A helpful book recommended by a doctor is titled "Sinus Survival." It is not easy to change eating habits, but it has made a world of difference in his health. A sinus rinse such as SinuCleanse is also helpful to get rid of excess mucus.



answers from Jackson on

I lost my sense of smell about 3 years ago. You need to go see a ENT (Ear,Nose, and Throat) doctor- you may have developed pollups. I also just read an article by a lady that lost here sense of smell because of her allergies- she had moved into a new home and was apparently allergic to something there. I wouldn't recommend the reading the article- she was hopeless and rediculous. Although sometimes inconvienient (smelling to see if milk is bad) and usually just disappointing (husband bought me auromatherapy candles) my life goes on as normal. There are things that you won't be able to taste- mostly fragrant tastes like garlic, and cinnamon, but overall I would rather be able to see and hear my children then to smell their dirty diapers :)



answers from Jackson on

Hi P.,

Loosing sense of smell can indicate several things...A few questions?
Have you had many sinus infections? Antibiotics? Were you on hormone based birth control before having your children? Have you heard that it can be a sign of nutrient deficiency?

I'll stop there. If you like some information about it I would be glad to get it for you.




answers from Benton Harbor on

If you can taste, you can smell...at least somewhat. Most of what we taste is actually smell. My uncle lost his sense of smell from a lifetime of painting cars (before we knew it was harmful) and he can't taste anything, either. You may have a diminished sense of smell, which could be from the constant allergies and inflammation. If you can manage to keep inflammation and irritation down for a while, I think you'll find that as your membranes heal and repair, you'll regain your sense of smell. Good idea to see an ENT, as well.


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