Loss of Appitite and Lethargy in 5 Year Old

Updated on February 05, 2011
J.H. asks from Sunland, CA
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My daughter was been ill for the past few weeks. It all started with an earache but no infection. The ear ache cleared up but was soon followed by high fevers and headaches, loss of appetite and lethargy. We took her to the DR who told us it was probably a vrus.. The fevers kept spiking over the next few days and we gave motrin and tylonol. She runs a low grade fever (99-100) every so often but she's still sooo lethargic and still not eating. She will drink juice, water and nibble at times. She says her stomach doesn't hurt, although she does say her head hurts at times. She has been crying at kindergarten too saying she wants mommy...she never does this...she's been in child care since she was 6mths old.I've never seen her like this and am worried. I'm wondering if other moms have witnessed this in their children lately...perhaps it is just a horrible virus going around.

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So What Happened?

thanks for the advice. Molly...I don't disagree with you but unfortunately I'm not an M.D....believe it or not they don't allow mothers to make those kinds of decisions.

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answers from Dallas on

She could have mono. The longevity of it, the lethargy and the consistent low grade fever are big signs. A friend's 6 year old was recently diagnosed with it. It's a quick test. Ask the doctor about it specifically.

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answers from Atlanta on

I would take her back to the doctor immediately!! Did they mention meningitis? If not -ask them!

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answers from San Diego on

That just doesn't sound good. With a virus, even with several back to back there would be times of feeling better. I would take her to an urgent care or the ER. I would see another doctor at any rate.
Weird question..has anyone looked for tooth decay and a tooth that may be infected? My son complained of his ear hurting, then head. Brought him to the doctors and they looked in his ear. He had ear wax buildup that they irrigated and he said he felt better. That didn't last very long though. We have a long involved story of how it got to the point it did involving fornal complaints against a ped dentist etc but..long story short...turned out he had a cavity and the tooth got infected. We finally found someone sane to take care of it but not before his face swelled up and he was in extreme pain.
There are some nasty viruses going around right now, we've been getting sicker this year than we normally do. But it dragging on like this and her behaviour says it's not "normal".

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answers from Tampa on

1) If she's sick and still feverish - she needs to stay home!

2) juice and water aren't going to cut it if she's 'nibbling'. She needs gatorade to keep electrolytes up, but do not give more than 3 days without seeing the Dr again. Keep the water going too, maybe offer Fruit2O or Propel to make it more appetizing.

3) Go to the Dr again and tell them about the headaches and her being lethargic and not eating - eventho her fevers have been low.

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answers from Honolulu on

Take her to the ER.

Nothing personal, but I don't think your Pediatrician really handled this well.

She is getting worse/not getting better.
Time for another Doctor visit or ER.

You said she has been ill for the "past few weeks..."
This is too long.

She is crying at Daycare... because she does not feel well and feels ill AND is in pain.
That is why.

She needs to be properly diagnosed.
Do not wait.
She is in pain....

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answers from Augusta on

Don't send her back to school until she's through this.
And take her either the ER or the Dr in the am.

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answers from Dallas on

Sounds like mono or strep. Cultures can be false negative.
Follow your gut...you know your daughter better than anyone. Take her to a different dr or the ER...my neighbor's friend daughter was just like this, but the whole family got ill. They thought it was flu. She got put in the hospital for dehydration, etc. She died. (shocking, I know.) They think it may have been the H1N1. Staff is going around as well. Kids at the school where I teach have been "dropping like flies" this past week. It is really going around.
Has she been on antibiotics?
Please, please, please....follow your instincts no matter what anyone says and take her to a new dr ASAP or the ER....Ask/Demand to have her tested for mono/strep(again)/staff infection(does she have any tiny scratches recently?)/flu strains(all of them...type 1/2 H1N1, etc.) and white blood cell count!
Also, have her blood sugar tested (may be diabetic if tired, lethargic, not eating), check her for dehydration, and get her pulse and blood pressure checked at different times of the day, 6 times per day. (your description of the symptoms also sounds like symptoms of low blood pressure)..

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answers from Boston on

Did your doctor test her for strep? My older sons symptoms are headache, lethargy, and loss of appetite, and he does not get the classic patches in his throat.

If she is running a fever and/or acting ill like this she shoul not be at school! Please think of the other children and teachers and their families and keep her home. If this has been going on for a few weeks you might have better luck at a pediatric er or at the very least seeking a second opinion from another pediatrician.

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answers from Las Vegas on

Definately take her to the ER. They can run blood work, and tests if needed. You don't want her to get too dehydrated.

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answers from St. Louis on

If my child was sooo lethargic, she would be in the hospital.

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answers from Los Angeles on

There are things going around..i woke up sick today and my son has been ill..so i've kept him home from school..rest is best..also water w/ electrolytes would be good for her to drink..also Umcka ..get the powder version and put it in hot water..they carry it at the Vitamin Shoppe...let it cool down and have her drink it..it cuts the duration of colds/flu... i gave that to my son and also mucinex ..he's been eating...maybe if you made something super yummy ..he's been into the danish pancakes you can get at Trader Joe's..they're pancake balls..frozen section w/ the waffles etc..you cut them in 1/2 and put strawberry jam inside and powdered sugar sprinkled on top...

good luck



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answers from Alexandria on

I had the exact same problem with my daughter when she was two and a half. I took her to her Doctor, and they checked her for diabetes and her blood sugar was well over 600. They admitted her to the hospital that day. We spent the next two weeks in the hospital learning how to give insulin injections and how to monitor her glucose levels. It was very scary, but now she is about to turn 18 and is doing much better, thank God. The Doctors said her diabetes could have been brought on by a virus that she had. Hopefully, your daughter does not have this, but it wouldnt hurt to get it checked. I will keep yall in my prayers! Good Luck and God Bless!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi J.,
What is she eating? www.BestBreakfastEver.com is a great place to start.
High grade protein in the AM feeds a girls/woman's brain so that it can make the right decisions throughout the day.
The vitamins, minerals and nutrients will add to her feeding her body so that it can do what it is supposed to do, be young and healthy and vibrant and full of life.

Family Success Coach

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