Loss of Appetite and Fatigue in 1 Year Old

Updated on May 16, 2012
K.L. asks from Fort Stewart, GA
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Last night our 18 month old had a hard time sleeping last night. For the first 3 hours of bedtime, he would fall asleep and then wake up a little later crying. This is not normal for him, and we chalked it up to teething issues (which he has been having) and we even had given him tylonol before bed for the teething pain. He finally fell asleep for the night around 9:45. We had an appointment with his allergy doctor and my husband and I had to wake him up this morning (thinking he was probably just tired because he had a hard time falling asleep). For breakfast he usually eats a half a banana or other fruit with a bowl of oatmeal and soy milk. He did not want anything to do with breakfast at all and is very lathargic. We still went to the allergist and 5 minutes before we got there he vomited in the car. We mentioned it to the allergist (who also holds a phd in pediatrics) and he check our sons ears and nose. He said he did not see anything, but it could be a virus that will show up later in the day. He has not had a fever at . . . not even a low grade one.

So far today, our son has thrown up once, and has only eaten 5 blueberries, 3 crackers, 1 bite of soynutbutter sandwich, a few sips of water, and a half cup of milk. He seems very fatigued taking a 30 minute nap in the car and a 3 hour nap in the afternoon. He will only lay on the couch or be held in our arms . . . he won't even sit on the floor with me to play AT ALL :( He did start going to a child development center for a few hours a week, so I know a virus is very possible.

I know that viruses take some time to take their course and there is not much I can do, but I feel helpless for my little baby. Any suggestions on getting him to eat, or just feel better in general? And when did you get concerned enough for a visit to your pediatrician (if at all)? I think it concerns me more than the colds he has had in the past because there are very few, but moderate to severe symptoms. He also is not making his wet diapers like usual, and I am keeping an eye on that to check for dehydration, but luckily he is not at that extreme yet.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all of the support! We ended up taking him in last night to urgent care and they ended up putting us in emergency! He went 12+ hours without a wet diaper and they were concerned for that (which was the main reason we had brought him in). They couldn't find anything wrong with him other that the dehydration and his behavior . . . but are assuming he is just on the begining end of a viral infection. We do have a follow up with the pediatrician today.

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Awww poor baby, I think it bothers us more then them though. I'm sure you've had a day where you just feel lousy, you're not hungry, you're tired,you have body aches, you just wanna lay around...... he's probably incubating something. Some of my kids have had days where i feel like they're gonna starve to death and I try and try to get them to eat something, anything and it doesn't work, so finally I've learned to respect their loss of appetite as long as they stay hydrated, hopefully it's just a lil virus that will pass soon!

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Well it sounds like you are doing everything you can! poor lil guy! keeping him hydrated at this point is the most important even if he not eating. My son went through something like this for a whole week and it was very concerning for me too. try pedialyte and maybe make an appointment for just his virus they maybe able to tell you how to keep him more comfortable!
best wishes

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Sounds like a common flu and cold virus, more than likely picked up at the child development center. Those centers are notorious, rather infamous, for passing every thing around. You'll be next I imagine.

I'm thinking you feed him soy due to being allergic to milk? The other possibility is anemia as you don't mention any iron rich foods, like sausage or meat products for meals.

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I wouldn't be worried about getting him to eat if he's not interested. Push fluids though. Pedialyte is great for keeping little ones hydrated. They also come in popsicle form. Viruses typically last 5-7 days, so unless he develops more symptoms that worry you, there's nothing to really do other than try to ease symptoms. It sucks when you can't do anything! But do keep an eye out for signs of a bacterial infection. Hope you stay healthy!

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It sounds like he needs some Pedialyte and some yogurt or other type of probiotic in his system. If he's throwing up, don't give him water or milk, or juice. Once he's stopped throwing up for a while, try the Pedialyte and maybe a couple of soda crackers. Then, if he's keeping that down, start with a bland diet of bananas, oatmeal, etc. If he still is having diarrhea or is throwing up, you can give him a little rice water (or rice depending on if he can eat it); that can help sometimes.

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