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Updated on April 15, 2008
B.M. asks from Paris, TN
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i am looking for someone who has had the lap band surgery done. and if so how has it helped you and how did you go about getting it financed or even get started on paying for it. i want this done so much because of all the diets i have tried have failed not because i didnt try but i cant take pills to lose weight and excercising is limited all except walking and sometimes that hurts my heels and my back. not that i cant stick with it cause i can but would like to have the lap band surgery done to help me. please help me in my struggle.

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answers from Greenville on

I had GBS 6 yrs ago, it changed my life. I went to my doctor, asked for more info and they connected me with the right Dr. There is an great websight, Obesitity.com that tells about it & stories good & bad, mines there as well. Good luck.

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answers from Wheeling on

Dear B.,
I want you to know something. When I see someone who is large, I know that their bodies reflect only the size of their hearts. I am a petite woman who had a career as a flight attendant my entire adult life until recently. As you must know, fitting into those teeny economy seats can be a problem for some. I guess what I want you to know is, I am a person that looks at the size of someone's heart, and always see the beauty in people. There are more out there like me, but, I realize most people discriminate against size with cruel and unusual measures. I'm telling you this because I know you will succeed in your new look. You are in my prayers B., and your new look is just about to take place. Until that surgery I want to tell you "diets" absolutely do not work. So until and after you have the surgery I want to give you a tip on what does work. Eating constantly. During menapause I put on a tremdous amount of weight for my size. After a year of dealing with 40 pounds of excess weight I went to a doctor that told me to EAT. My body was in a starvation mode because of not eating from the moment I woke. I actually just found out the way my hunger clock is, I actually don't eat until late in the afternoon and continue until bedtime, that is called "sumo dieting". It's what sumo wrestlers do to be enormous. I guess until I hit that age where it made all the difference and I had to take notice of my habit that hadn't been unkind to me until then. But I shed that weight and now know eating the right things often is not a diet, it's a way of life. You get so tired of eating every hour that after dinner time you really don't want to eat anymore. EAT when you wake up...all the fruit or juices you want until noon. Every hour put several grapes in your mouth, ie:....1/2 a banana....spoon (tsp) of peanut butter (good for your elasticity and skin)celery...carrots....2 wheat crackers, 8 nuts are also a snack, or even a 1/4 cup of skim milk considered a snack as well. The protein comes into your day is mainly with lunch, ie: turkey,tuna,lean beef,...along with dairy (low fat)and remember portions at meal time should be as big as your fist. Eat those carbs with dinner, but stay away from white starches, go for multi grain, pumpernickle...sweet potato or wheat pasta, so it won't turn to sugar as white potatoes or white enriched breads do. I even had very dark chocolate as a treat...the darker the better. You hang in there and remember how beautiful you are. You will succeed and I'm praying for you to achieve the goal you've set for yourself. You sound like a lovely woman with a wonderful family. I know how it must feel to be alone most of the time because of your husbands work. So, chin up and get started....I wish you the best my dear!

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answers from Louisville on

My sister had the surgery done about 5 years ago. She lost some weight but has since gained it back. I don't believe that it has been good for her. Although her eating habits were not superior before, I believe that the band, by restricting her intake and the variety of foods that she can digest, has made her both obese and malnourished. Ok, I may be a little jaded, but I am pretty frustrated to see my sister still plagued by diseases associated with obesity (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc) and still unable to make healthy food choices. You are in for some serious lifestyle changes if you get the band.
I hope that you get a lot of varied feedback to help you make a decision you can live with. Good luck.



answers from Knoxville on

Hi B. I am S.. I am going to a talk tomorrow on lap band surgery I want the same answers you want. I have been overweight for about 20 years. The most weight I have lost was 25 lbs. on Weight Watchers. I moved to Oak Ridge Tn. 6 months ago and have gained 25 lbs. I want the surgery because I am tired of dieting all the time. I will tell you what they say at this meeting. S.



answers from Memphis on

Hey B.,

I don't know anyone or have not had that surgery...but I wanted to introduce you to a good site that has helped me lose and maintain my weight.


good luck in whatever you choose.




answers from Chattanooga on

My best friend had this surgery done last summer (about 8 months ago). I think she had to pay cash up front for the surgery (her parents paid for it I think). She lost 25 pounds very quickly (in the first couple of weeks) but has slowed down since then. I think she has probably lost about 35-40 pounds so far. She has had the band adjusted several times and is due to go in for a checkup soon I think. They told her at the dr's office that they consider the surgery a success if you lose 50 pounds in the first year. Hope this helps.



answers from Raleigh on

I don't know anyone who has had the surgery. I know someone who had gastric bypass and almost died. The person is still struggling 3 years after the surgery. Yes, the person lost weight but has had major health issues ever since. I would think long and hard before any type of surgery.



answers from Jackson on

Dearest B., Please reconsider. I will tell you up-front I myself have never had this surgery. However I have known and know many who have.
Two women in my family have had this done.
My neice late 20's came for a visit....she sat down to breakfast...she couldn't even finish 1 egg! The center...the yolk was too much for her to eaT!!! She had NOTHING else to Eat until later in the day!!! NOW to me...That is NOT EATING!!!!
The other woman in our family...Has had several of these surgerys. Over and over again I have watched her eat her way back into all the weight she has lost and THEN SOME!!!
This surgery fails to tell the patient what it is going to change in the body.No longer can the body absorb the nutrients and vitamins and minerals. Many times this means the patient begins loosing their hair. Their teeth begin loosing calcium(they get cavities/rot) also the teeth loose the enamel ( the protection for our teeth). Bones loose their calcium as well. The patient can'y just take a calcium tablet...the body can't break it down any more.I have seen my Aunt do exactly these same things. I thought she had cancer/hair loss!!!!!! But she assured me this was/is normal.She has had the priveldge of lots of insurance and money in her life time..what a waste of both!!!!
B., I have, over a few years dropped size after size. You keep trying God will help you!!! He continues to help me!!! I was a size 24. Now I am between 17/16. This has taken awhile,but I will NEVER re-gain my weight. I will be praying for you.
There is something new to the diet world...Hoodia. It has No stimulates and it makes you feel FULL!!!!
I haven't tried anything in all this time, but I tried hoodia for the first time a few days ago (1 day last week). I was so Full I looked at food and just groaned..."NO Thanks I'm too full!!!" You take it 1 Hr. before you are going to eat.
Since, I am so hyper-sensitive to medicine (I do not take anything except vitamins), I was leary at first.
I am glad I tried it, but I will NOT rely on it...but it would come in handy at Thanksgiving and Christmas...when I and we all normally really PIG OUT!!!HA!!!
As I said, I am in 17/16 clothing....this is just 1 size from my marriage size!!!! From 24 to this!!! You Can do it...Believe me you can.
Please realize I am not tring to TELL YOU WHAT TO DO!!! I am however, concerned about you. Blessings to You!!!LaDonna



answers from Chattanooga on

My father in law had the lap band surgery feb 06. At first he went to some seminars at memorial to explain everything, you and your hubby need to go together. They talk to the "support group" of the patient. A lap band is a lifestyle change. I am pretty sure they discuss payment for the procedure at the seminars. Just call memorial to find out when the next one is.

So here is the ups, my father in law lost at least 100 lbs and could lose more. He needs to have the band adjusted smaller to lose more. Here is the down you can't eat most things... no bread, meat, lettuce these things get stuck. And then you vomit. I have seen him run to the bathroom several times. He is also stuck losing wieght because he eats things that don't get stuck like Ice cream and cookies. Horrible. He could eat yogurt, or applesauce for snacks or even splenda icecream but his wife doesn't cook and neither does he. So he eats what is easy.
I think he was looking for an easy way out. He is lazy by nature, (god lovr him) but if he would just push through one last time his procedure would have been a success.
they also give you a year membership to they YMCA with your procedure, He never used it. Even getting up and going to the Y to swim, something low impact(he has bad knees) would have been so beneficial.

Good luck to you, I hope i gave you some insight.



answers from Charleston on

I have no advice about the surgery. I do wish you luck with whatever choice you make.

I am obese and have lost some weight by walking, diet and exercise. I watch the amount of carbs that I take in. No more than 45 per meal for women and 60 for men. I switched from drinking so much diet soda to flavored water.

I have breakfast, some times a light snack, lunch, dinner and
around 8 pm I have a light snack,

For exercise, I walk, run after my 3 year old grandson, take my dog for walks. Cleaning house burns calories. I also like to dance with my grandsons who are 3 and 8 for exercise. The 3 year old will sit down in the floor with me and do leg lifts, arm lifts, to toe touches etc.

Limit the amount of junk food, fast food and snack foods, to a treat one day a week. Eat healthier. Veggies, steamed or raw, eat lots of salad with very little dressing. Meats baked instead of fried. Limit your bread intake.

My weight is coming off slowly. Thats ok because I havent put it back on. My daughter just recently ordered me the Biggest Loser Cookbook. Which I havent got yet, but I am looking forward to trying some of their recipes. She also ordered their exercise book for herself. We are going to do this together.

Good luck.



answers from Parkersburg on

Hi, I was just wandering if you have tried weight watchers? I am a mother of two that has worked third shift also. That is a tough shift for weight loss. I was the same weight for 8 years after my last child. I could not do anything to lose weight. A friend of mine talked me into joining weight watchers and I thought what the heck nothing else has worked but I will never know til I try. I started 8 months ago and I have lost 50 pounds so far. I still have a bit left but I know I can do it. This plan is so easy.I also have back problems and was very out of shape. The only exercise I do is walk. I started out very slow and walking short distances, now I look for more challenging routes with hills and can walk 3 miles. I feel so much better! I wish someone would have talked me into joining years ago. Since I have started I have inspired my sister,sister-in-law,neice and three co-workers into joining the classes with me, and all have had great success! Before doing anything permanant to your body, if you have never tried weight watchers, try it!!! I do advise you to not join the online group, it really helps to have real life people giving you advice and helping you thru it. I have made alot of friends. Yes, you do have to weigh in every week but the scale is only seen buy you and the consultant. Oh, and by the way, alot of insurance companies will help pay for your membership! Good Luck to you and if you have any other questions please contact me!



answers from Lexington on


Many of my family members have struggled with weight loss or just the lack of trying. I know the lack of trying has not been your issue but I can tell you that three of them have basically done the exact thing that I have always done my entire life. I eat about every three hours. I eat a moderate breakfast, a mid morning snack, lunch , an afternoon snack, dnner and then a after dinner snack. I try really hard not to eat ANYTHING after 10pm. I know with your situation of working third shift your time frame of eating will be completely different. You do not have to take any pills or count calories but I woud suggest watching your intake. I think the biggest misconception is that people think they have to eat until they feel full that is not the case. you need to eat to get nourishment not to get full. I did not see where you live but I will be more than happy to be your support group and help you. If we do not live close enough to walk together daily then get a friend and start walking. I know you stated that this hurts your heels and back but that could be because of the weight. Start slow maybe every other day so you have one in between to recooperate from the day of exercise. Then as your body gets stronger then you can add more. Don't get discouraged because many people think that loosing weight should be over night and that is not true at all it should be a slow and gradual process. When starting out most people also do not know that you will actually go up in lbs on the scale first before it starts to come down. Your body gets scared because it is used to storing the fat and so when you take away the resource it has to start living off of the lean that is when you start loosing the excess weight and putting on the lean body structure that is desired.

Keep in mind the process is different for everyone and it may take some time and encouragement. My aunt went from 300lbs to 140 in about 1 year time and kept the weight off. I will be more than happy to share exactly what she did with you.




answers from Chattanooga on

I've known several people to have weight loss surgery, though I'm not sure if it's the lap band. My cousin had gastric bypass, and she lost a lot of weight and has kept it off. Her mother, however, had the same surgery. She was much heavier to start with, lost a ton of weight, and has put almost every bit of it back on. I worked with a girl a few years ago that died after having weight loss surgery due to an infection. It's a little too scary for me since it's not necessarily going to work w/out serious dedication.

Maybe you could see a personal trainer and nutritionist? Maybe they could help you figure out how to lose the weight though exercise and diet without hurting too badly. I know it sounds crazy, but those people on The Biggest Loser have all kinds of physical problems, but they're so dedicated that the diet and exercise always seem to be the solution. You have to meet a lot of requirements to get the surgery. I'm rambling...anyway, good luck with whatever avenue you choose.



answers from Nashville on

Surgery is an option, but not a solution. Life changes are never easy, but required. That's why this is a billion dollar business with everything from mail-order food to diet centers to in-house boot camps that are all so popular. They'd like to make it look easy....that's the hookline. So when we find it's not easy, we (in the real world) begin to feel like a failure.

To win this battle, you have to find a combination that works for you. It really comes down to what you put into your body, and how you burn calories.

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