Losing Mucus Plug and Dialating at 35 Weeks

Updated on August 25, 2009
T.J. asks from Prescott Valley, AZ
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First, let me explain my pregnancy a little. My first son was delivered at 34 weeks, so with this pregnancy, my OB has been cautious. I've have a projesterone shot every week since 16 weeks and I began having contractions at 18 weeks. At 28 weeks, the second time I was at the hospital to stop contractions, I was put on bedrest until 36 weeks. At my last check, I was 50% efaced, and 2-3 cm dialated. My bedrest became more severe. Now I'm pretty certain that I've lost my mucus plug. I've still got to make it 3 days until our hospital will deliver me here. We don't have a neonatal ward, so they don't deliver until your term. What do you all think?

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My niece is 25 and she had to have that Projesterone shot too since she had her son in Nov instead of Jan, he was a preemie but is ok. He will be 2 this next Nov. and she is due in Jan now again. She is doing great so far just found out she was having a girl. I hope all works out for you....God bless you going through all the potty training and plus whats on your plate. Let me know what happens...Best of Luck to you.



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OMG I feel for you. You must be miserable and with a active 2 year old. I had to comment. I myself was not sure if I saw the mucus plug or not. You are in a delicate situation that I think you should be mentioning to your doctor. 3 days is 3 days but if the baby is coming you cannot risk waiting for. Your doc can see,squeeze you in or advise to go in. I do not think the mucus plug came out is a big deal but I am aware that means soon...maybe not the same day. Maybe your water won't break. Please call.
Best of wishes.



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They made me hold on to my daughter until she was 36th weeks. They said it was better for her that way.

I would say as long as you are not in labor... STAY IN BED!! DO NOT MOVE!! You need to have someone there to help with the 2 year old's potty training or his training will have to be put on hold until baby is here.

If your son came now they would have to deliver and they would probably transfer baby to a hospital where there is neonatal care.



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I'd just back up what one person said - losing your mucous plug tells you nothing about when labor will start for any woman. But it is something to tell your OB so he knows you are going through some prelabor signs. Dilation before labor is also something very unpredictable. But it is worth being cautious.

I was just wondering - how healthy was your first son when he was born? I was just thinking about how in rare cases, women do deliver healthy babies earlier. It's just how long their body needs to be pregnant. I heard of someone who every time had healthy babies at 35 weeks.

It sounds like it's been a tough pregnancy! Hang in there!



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Call your ob. He'll have you come in right away and possibly have you go into the hospital. They can't refuse you if you are in labor, especially with your situation.



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With my last one I was 3 cm dialated for a few weeks and I also lost my mucous plug but not all at once, just a little at a time and probably over like a week or two weeks time. If you're not having contractions yet or your water hasn't broken yet then you're probably not in labor yet, but maybe give your OB a call. And I don't understand how they can say they won't deliver you. Is it because they don't have a neonatal ward? Is there another hospital you can go to? Anyway, if you do go into labor before the 3 days is up and you can't make it to another hospital in time it's not like they really have a choice. Good luck and I hope your baby stays put a little longer!



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Hello T.,

Sorry to hear you are having such a difficult pregnancy...what a trooper:) Neonatal ward or not they will have to deliver the baby when it is ready to come; that is the most absurd thing I have ever heard! Some hospitals will transfer you to a better equipped location after the birth (if needed) but I have never heard of a hospital refusing to deliver a woman having a baby because they are not full term and telling her to basically hold it if she wants to be at their location. They can not refuse to help anyone in need (including a laboring woman) it is against the law and could bring about a substatial amount of bad press. I would find another hospital if they are that crazy. What hospital are you speaking of? I am 6 months pregnant and want to make sure I do not end up there.

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