Losing Hair at Beginning of Pregnancy and While Nursing.

Updated on June 24, 2008
J.C. asks from Newport, KY
11 answers

Hey Moms! This is my first time making a request and I think you are just the ladies to help me. I am pregnant with my second child. I am only about 6 weeks along, but my hair is falling out. I did this during my first pregnancy for the first few months and then while I nursed for the first year. Does anyone have some suggestions to help strengthen my hair or any other recommendations? My hair is not super thick to begin with, but it is not super thin either. This is more of just a nuisance, but I do worry some. I am not sure how much hair I will lose with this pregnancy. Thanks for your input!

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answers from Cleveland on

Congrats on pregnancy #2! Recently, I had to have surgery, and lost A LOT of hair due to the anesthesia .... I freaked out and went to my stylist. We talked about a lot of factors, and she told me that stress, pregnancy (hormones) and medicines are the top reasons women lose more hair than normal. She recommended Nioxin shampoo. I bought some, and by the third shampoo, the falling out had completely stopped. I now lose almost no hair..just a little due to normal brushing. Nioxin works to cleanse the scalp more than the hair..by removing environmental toxins and natural build-up. I bought mine at Macy's, and it was about $14.50. I know that my Macy's will take back shampoo if you keep the receipt, and it is still at least half full. I can't say for sure if it will work for you, because your hair loss is most likely due to hormones, but I'd call my stylist and ask them what they think about Nioxin or a similar product! Hope this helps!



answers from Cincinnati on

Make sure you are getting enough protein. If you're not getting enough it will cause hair loss. I know in the early months it's hard to eat anything without becoming nauseous but you and the baby need the protein. Also be sure to take your prenatal vitamins, you don't need a prescription for them most over-the-counter prenatal's are the same as prescription just cheaper.



answers from Cleveland on

Hi Jen!, I always felt like problems with my hair during pregnancy had to do with my body being drained of nutrients for the baby. I drink MonaVie. It's packed full of nutrients and because it's a liquid, it's more readily absorbed. Several local area doctors are on board because this juice is helping people with some major health issues and they see the results. It's the fastest growing privately held company in the USA for a reason...it works. (It would be excellent for baby too) Let me know if you'd like to know more. God Bless! N. Lurry



answers from Cleveland on

Mine didn't fall out until after I had my son. My hair was got thicker during the pregnancy actually - and then shed afterward. But it is most likely just the hormonal changes. Have you started your prenatals? That should help some? I would ask the doctor on your next visit though just to be sure. CONGRATS On baby #2!



answers from Cleveland on

Get your Dr to do a blood test of your thyroid levels. Pregnancy and breast feeding can overstress the thyroid, and cause it to drop below normal functioning level. A symptom can be hair loss. If the thyroid is OK, try adding soy to your diet, or Omega-3 capsules.



answers from Dayton on

I would recommend you get your thyroid checked.



answers from South Bend on

I lost my hair after I delivered too. Make sure that you get your iron checked that is always a good indicator to me that my iron is low when my hair starts to fall out. I breastfeed and finally after about 8 months my hair has stopped falling out. I don't know of anything that makes it stronger.


answers from Cincinnati on

Hi Jen!
Congrats on your second pregnancy for starters! I think this happens (along with many other things) when your hormones from the pregnancy are crazy and rapidly changing. And I do agree with the previous responce...geletin. It's great for hair and nails! And I would stay away from heat. If you have the type of hair that you can let dry naturally, I would do that every day! And no super hot flattening irons!



answers from Cleveland on

Don't fret none..it's hormonal. We naturally lose hair daily but an excessive amount is a concern though w/you being pregnant it is normal. If your scalp is itchy try conditioning it and be gentle to your hair by not pulling it up tightly. Many women will have excessive bleeding gums or loose teeth..this is also hormonal. Once the little one arrives and your body comes back to normal the hair loss will settle down. Hope this helps.



answers from Fort Wayne on

Losing hair can be the sign of a couple things. Hormonal changes during and after pregnancy change the growth and release of hair. Additionally, this could be a sign of a glandular problem. You may want to consult a physician before you write it off as nothing serious and start using a hair formula.

There are several hair formulas on the market especially for women. I can't remember the name but there was one advertised on TV within the last month. Additionally, I assume it's a similar design for men. Some men's formulas indicate they can be used by either sex.



answers from Bloomington on

my hair would come out like crazy when i'd wash or brush my hair for a few months after delivery--like the drain would clog up if i didn't clean it out every time i took a shower. my hair is full and fine now, so i wouldn't worry too much.

one person told me that you don't lose hair during pregnancy, which is why so much falls out after birth...... but that's not quite the case with you...

anyway your prenatals will help. i think gelatin strenghtens hair and nails, if you want to eat some jello :)

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