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Updated on June 13, 2008
R.B. asks from Oklahoma City, OK
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Help I need to lose about 15- 20 pounds in the stomach hip n thigh area I have had 2 babies so some weight is to be expected butim just a little to juicyfor my taste n I'm not to happy when I look in the mirror hubby never mentions it but I want to do it for me I look like a pear little chestthen badabing spare tire size 14 hips n big butt I need some exercise I can do at home to lose around the middle n these hips.. crunches pull ups sits ups leg lifts I don't know I need some help thank you all

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So What Happened?

Ok mommys thank u all for your time I guess I'm just gonna have to get out there n hit the walking trails good old fashion hard work ;)

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Same song, different verse...

I am with you on that one. For the last month, I have made myself get up an extra hour early while my husband is still home with the kids, go walking around the neighborhood for 30 min. I also changed my diet. When my family is eating a 4 course meal I cooked, I just sit there with my healthy frozen dinner and enjoy the conversation more than the food. I eat slower, and turns out, I am not as hungry as I thought. I also drink a LOT of water every day. I am a size 16/18 and have that spare tire around the hips, with a bicycle tube on top of it (aka... the roll) It took a couple weeks to notice some difference, but I am finally fitting into my "tight" clothes with ease now. My best friend lives 4 houses down, so she makes me get up in the mornings, and I pay her back by making her walk as a very fast pace. It has helped with more than my size though. After I get back, I am awake, feel great, so I get my last minute house cleaning done before I go to work and am able to actually fix breakfast for the kids instead of cereal every day. Then, I feel great, and go to work. My attitude is better too I think.

Guess what I am saying is get a plan that can work, and MAKE yourself do it. Anything is better than nothing. If you cant leave the house, get a workout video or something. Ride a bike if you like that. Just get going for 30 min a day.

Good Luck, I hope you find yourself one hot momma in a couple months. (I hope I will be too)



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Hi R., the easiest way to start dropping is to change your diet. I lost a pound per week (40 in all, without exercising) by eliminating all processed foods from my diet. I flipped veggies from side dish to main course, and really increased my whole fiber and water intake. I also have a lot of back problems, so I bought a used "Bun & Thigh Roller" off ebay. It works great and doesnt take up a lot of space, plus it focuses on those hard-to-reach areas. I also do some bellydancing (you can find videos just about everywhere) and that really concentrates on those places too. And, when you've lost the weight you want to, you'll have a few new tricks to show off to your loving husband (they think bellydancing is hot). :}



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You can't lose weight from just one area. First you'll need to lose weight, then you can tone the area with specific exercises. But all the crunches in the world will just give you muscles under the 15-20 pounds you need to lose. Increase exercise (fast walking every morning or evening) and decrease calories for a few months and you'll see progress. Add in some toning exercises and you can be lean and trim in 6 months.



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R.: Girl, I have your solution! I am an independent Herbalife Distributor and wish I could attach my before/after picture to this response! If you will send me your email address, I can send you my pictures! Long story short, I was like you and had about 50 pounds to lose (I too have little boobs and a big butt!) for 2 years I tried everything under the sun to lose the 50 pounds--from personal trainers, gym memberships, Jenny Craig, presecription diet pills--you name it, I tried it! Nothing worked until I found this product! In the first week, I lost 8 pounds and the BEST PART--NO WORKING OUT!!!! The entire product line is all natural and so good for your overall health, along with amazing weight loss! With a shapeworks package, which I can tell you more about, if you are interested, you get several different supplement pills & you drink 2 shakes in place of meals and have 1 meal per day. Anyway, the supplement that I want to tell you about is the cell-u-loss--this is every girls dream in a bottle!! It actually puts "elasticity" back into your loose skin and smoothes out all the lumps and bumps from cellulite. So, when you are on the shapeworks program, as you lose the weight, your skin tightens right along with the wieght loss, so you don't have "loose skin" after losing the weight! Email me at [email protected]____.com and let me know about how much weight you would like to lose. I will forward you some more detailed information along with my before & after pictures. I lost 45 pounds and 55 inches in just over 2 months! And the price of the products are very reasonable. We consider it the "cheap meal" because the shakes & supplements you will take for 2 meals every day is way cheaper than 2 meals anywhere else would cost you! I am walking, talking proof that the product works! You would not believe the customers I've gotten just because they saw what the product did for me! You can also make some extra $$$, if you are interested in the business side of Herbalife! Also, feel free to call me if you are interested and we will discuss the weight loss factor, along with the business opportunity! ###-###-####

I look forward to hearing from you! Let's get you on your way to having that "pre-baby" body back!

God Bless,

S. Woodall

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