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Updated on August 05, 2008
C.A. asks from Hialeah, FL
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We live in Miami Lakes. I currently work a little less than full time in Coral Gables (which is a horrible drive specially in traffic). My office was kind enough to allow me to work 34 hours a week instead of full time b/c I was guilt ridden not being able to spend any time with my 2 babies under 2. Although I'm grateful for this opportunity, I'm not happy. I had to give up my position working for a great boss to now be the "helper", the "floater" etx. I HATE IT! I'm still not happy.

The only other alternative is to find a place in Miami Lakes to work. I haven't really looked but it is an option. Although I love my company, there is nothing more I can do here. My old position is taken now and they are happy with my replacement. I either stick this out or leave.... my options are work from home or in Miami Lakes hopefully with my same new schedule.

But, I would give anything to work at home as a virtual secretary, or typist or something. I make $50K right now but would be willing to take a cut if I could work at home. Any suggestions. I tried searching online but can't find any reputable company where I can do this.

Any suggestions on working from home? Thanks for listening.

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answers from Miami on

HI C.:

There is a company called "Willow" located in Miami Lakes which offers on-line jobs. Here's their website:

I know that it is a legitimate company because my friend's friend has worked for them. However, I didn't personally speak with my friend's friend.

Good luck.

E. R



answers from Miami on

We are an award winning team of moms whose goal is to help others enhance their lives by becoming successful in their own home based businesses.
We can and will help you change your future! We pride our selves on our honesty and integrity. Earn $500-$5,000 or more
For more information please call J. @ ###-###-####



answers from Miami on

Hi C.
My name is Z. and I live in the Palm Springs North area near Miami Lakes. I am a stay-at-home/work-at-home Mom of a 4-year-old "little man" I absolutely adore.
I work part-time from home and have now for 3 years.
I was looking for a home based business when I found the perfect fit and the flexibility I need.
It's a legitimate 22-year-old company that's registered with the BBB. We don't sell, stock, inventory or deliver anything so that has been wonderful with no over-head and hassles. I checked out several options before starting my business with this company and I felt skeptical myself about home-based "things" and "get-rich quick schemes" but found this is a solid INC-500 Company with a president/CEO that sits on the US Chamber of Commerce as does the company. So I began my business and found it has allowed me to earn extra income and still be home with my son. I would be happy to talk to you about it and see if it could be for you all that it's been for me and my family.
My email address is [email protected]____.com and I'd be happy to email you my cell phone number so we can chat.
Hope this helps and I look forward to your email!



answers from Miami on

Hi C.,
Many people find themselves in your situation - paying outrageous prices to fill their tanks, and leaving their family at home for more than 8 hours per day. I don't blame you for cutting your hours, but it's a shame that you should have to be so unhappy to do it. And where does it leave you? You still have to pay the same for gas, and your children only get to see you a mere 6 extra hours a week. Is that enough for you? It doesn't sound like it!
I can help; although not in your area of expertise, it will help you stay home with your precious little ones. I work with an award winning, 21 year old company with an impeccable record with the Better Business Bureau and a top notch compensation plan!!! There is no selling, no inventory, no parties and NO RISK! Visit my website for more information: IsYourFamilyHealthy.com

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