Looking to "Rent a Princess" for a Birthday Party!

Updated on April 09, 2012
A.J. asks from Irwin, PA
5 answers

Has anyone found a company/person who dresses up like the Disney princesses for little girls birthday parties? I found a girl who did Cinderella for my daughter's 3rd birthday and she was wonderful. Now i'm looking for one of the other princesses for the 4th b-day party. I live in the pittsburgh suburbs so it would need to be someone/company in the pittsburgh area. Thanks for any input!

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answers from Philadelphia on

i'm in NJ and I've seen them listed on craigslist... maybe check the craigslist in your area?



answers from Allentown on

Hi A.,
where are all the un employed beautiful prissy teen agers when you ' need' them ....what a market un tapped for a teen w/ bussiness savvy .......
A grammy who plays santa for local hospitals .



answers from Salt Lake City on

Oh my goodness, this is a darling idea! We just relocated to our real estate west newbury, and I wonder if they have anything like this near us. http://newburyportvip.com/west-newbury-real-estate-homes-... My little girl is about to turn 3 and she would LOVE this more than ANYTHING! thanks for the great idea, but I don't know where you can find one in your area, sorry!



answers from Pittsburgh on

Do you have an 'Oogles and Googles' near you? They do theme parties and you can either have them there or they will come to your house.

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