Looking to Have 4 Ugly Protruding Moles removed...need Referral

Updated on July 03, 2008
A.P. asks from Chicago, IL
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i've been living w/some moles that are really unsightly for too long now. dermatologists in the past tell me that it would be considered "cosmetic"--therefore not covered by insurance. do you know if flexible spending account would cover that. any suggestions would be appreciated. i'd love to find a cool doctor who would just remove them at low cost. thanx.

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There is this doctor that my sister works for. His name is Dr. Shapiro, he works at St.Francis Hospital in skokie, but does his surgeries in Wheeling. My sister said he is great with removing moles. i am going to go to him to remove a mole, once i stop nursing my 6 month old daughter. just tell him C. recommented him and maybe he can work something out with your insurance. my sister is the office manager she deals with that stuff. im not sure of his number, but i can get it for you.

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One of my moles did change while I was pg with my 5yro had a skin tag grow on it, they other one was already 'puffy' but told her it happened while pg as well. I did not have the surgically removed but she froze them so the tops came off. Don't know if that is an option for you. I did have a mole on my back removed when I was a teen and while I am glad it is gone, it was always getting bumped and was painful, I do have an ugly scar. My son had one removed on his face and has a scar as well. Just something to think about if the scar will be worse then the mole.



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I don't have any recommendations but I know you can use your flexible spending account to pay for the cost.



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Dr. Meyer Horn in Bucktown removed my mole recently. It was my first time so I have nothing to compare it with but it didn't hurt and it healed nicely.

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