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Updated on October 29, 2009
A.S. asks from Chicago, IL
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i am looking to buy a used car and i am extremly scard becasue i dont want to get ripped off ... ANY SUGGESTIONS OF GOOD REPIABLE CAR DEALERS ...PLEASE ADVISE I AM LOOKING TO SPEND ABOUT 2000.00 ON A GOOD RUNNING CAR AND I HAVE MY SIX YEAR OLD SO IT MUST BE SAFE...


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answers from Chicago on

Can't recommend a specific dealer, but when I got divorced a few years ago and needed to get a used car, here is how I did it. A friend who had a very good mechanic ( had worked on their family cars for years, never cheated them, very knowledgeable) sent me to him. He recommended another family who was selling their Suburu Imprenza hatchback to upgrade to a minivan because they were expecting another child. He arranged for me to test drive it, etc. and I bought the car.

It was a great investment. I can totally recommend a small Suburu as being very safe ( Consumer Reports gives Suburu very high safety and crash test ratings) and the mechanic explained to me that Suburus are also inexpensive to take care of, because replacement parts are cheap and the motor is arranged so everything is easy to get to, and it doesn't take as many labor hours to fix things.

The car is now about 10 years old. Other than basic maintenance and replacing the tires this year I have never had any trouble with it. I've driven it to work and also back and forth to Ohio for family visits several times.

So I say check out a Suburu- good luck!!!



answers from Chicago on

I've bought two used Toyotas, one from a private seller, one from a dealership, and they were both fabulous cars. I did really well in resale on both of them, too. If you buy from a private seller, just plan to spend the money to take it to a mechanic for an inspection. I've also heard good things about Carmax, but they do seem more expensive.


answers from Chicago on

I know someone in the LaGrange area who is selling their used Volvo. PM me if you are interested with your email address, and I will forward the info to you.




answers from Chicago on

Carmax is extremely reputable!



answers from Chicago on

Hi A.,
Rogers Pontiac, Carmax, Al Piemonte, Planet Toyota and Toyota Grossinger are good places. These are places that I think will work with you, if you are on a budget.

All the Best!



answers from Chicago on

I would check out a Honda dealer for a certified, pre-owned Honda. I am not sure what they may have in your price range, but if you can find a certified used Honda, you will have a great car - that's what I did last time I bought, and I am only sorry that I didn't buy a Honda sooner!
I hear Carmax is very good, also.

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