Looking to Buy a Honda CRV

Updated on June 06, 2007
A.B. asks from Chicago, IL
4 answers

Hi Moms,

I'm looking to get myself a new car(not brand new, 2000 or up) most likely, a Honda CRV and I have 2 questions. First, does anyone have an opinion on the CRV...I read they are one of the safesty on the road. Secondly, does anyone have any advice/tips/recommendations when buying a car. Thanks for your time!!


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I have a honda civic and love it. my mother has a crv and she loves hers. it has a huge trunk space. my husband is in the process of purchasing an accord. so needless to say, we are honda people!

They get great mileage, they last forever, and if you bring it to the dealership, the oil changes are only $23 and they give you a free car wash. Good luck.



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We love our Honda- they are truly reliable, low-maintenance, and good gas efficiency. I test drove the CRV, but opted for the Accord. We got our car at Ed Napleton in Oak Lawn, at the recommendation of my brother-in-law who has bought 3 Hondas there. They are a very relaxed and friendly bunch, and we continue to take our car there for the routine service.
I would recommend you check Consumer Reports for reviews on the CRV and also consider its rival, the Toyota Rav4, which is also supposed to be great.



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I have a CR-V and I LOVE it! I had a civic before I got the crv. We are a honda family (my husband just bought his new accord from Ed Napleton in Oak Lawn - just like the other mom).

Advice?? Do your research! Know what you want in terms of a monthly payment and what you want in your car.

If you have specific questions about the crv, I'd be happy to share more!



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I have a honda civic hybrid and I love it! I went to Mueller Honda in Highland Park...

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