Looking for Websites for Christmas Favors for Kids Gift Bags to Give Away???

Updated on December 06, 2007
D.F. asks from Garland, TX
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Ok Mommas I know that with all the smart moms here I know I can get the help I need like QUICK!!! I need to know of some websites that sell christmas party favors ie: winter tatoos, small coloring books,etc. I've already tried the normal oriental trading and not to thrilled sort of? I've ordred from smalltoys.com but what like something else but along those lines. i'm ordering for my company's supervisor's children which consist of about 24 kids. I do this every year for the kids along with the other holidays as well, but I'm just stuck as to what other websites would have what I'm looking to fill the gift bags?? Or een any stores locally? At this point I'm desperate to go anywhere. Any help would be so awesome =) Thanks for any ideas...D.

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answers from Dallas on


answers from Dallas on

I don't know what your budget is, but we sell some kids' characters soap favors. Here is the link: www.Favoroo.com.

Also, the 99 cent store in Irving (Belt Line Road) has some GREAT Disney items for $.99, as well as Michael's Crafts ($1.00 Disney items.) We got a lot of these things for my nieces and nephews this year (for stockings), including Disney paddle balls, balls, stamps, etc.

Best wishes!


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I've always had good experiences with oriental Trading. There is a store in Plano called US Toys located at Parker and Independence that has novelty stuff like that as well.


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