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Updated on October 27, 2010
K.P. asks from South Hadley, MA
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Hi ladies. I am a married mother of a 6 year old girl and a 2 year old boy . Before I was married and had children, I had lots of friends. I either met these friends in high school/college or at summer jobs. Now, I work full-time and have two children, but all my old friends live far away or have just drifted away. Lately, I have become very aware that I do not have any one to hang out with or have play dates with. My husband is wonderful, but I really miss having girl friends. I am really at a lose on how to meet and connect with other moms. I have acquaintances at work, but the women I work with are either quite a bit older than me with teenagers or single women that don’t really want to spend their free time with a woman that wants to bring her kids a long. I have no mommy and me meet up groups in my area. Does anyone have any ideas how I can meet some other moms?

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answers from San Antonio on

There are a bunch of mommy groups. MOPS, MOMS, Just Mommies,
ones through the local newspaper, and more. I typed your zip into the MOPS group finder and found 10 groups. The MOPS groups I joined were not religious really. One had a Bible Study on a different day for those interested. They let you bring your kids and people watch them so you get a break. We did crafts, packed boxes for troops, studied, had fun, and ate.
One group focused on healthier snacks and one served dinner, which was always good.

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answers from Sioux Falls on

i feel where you are coming from. i don't know any one in my new town other than doctors and my little sister. thats it. i had a few friends in high school before i moved my senior yr. but now i have no one. i agree hubby is great but it is just not the same. right now i don't even have my husband, army basic training. so i am pretty much a single mom with two boys ages 6 and 2 and don't know any one. good luck. and hopefully you find a mommy group or some thing in your area.


answers from Saginaw on

How about trying to arrange play dates with your daughters friends/moms. That is how I met a really great friend, we just realized the other day it was our 1 year anniversary. ;) We met for a play date at a Halloween event and from there arranged many more. Now we even meet without our kids. (Last weekend we scrapbooked all day Saturday together.)

Anyway, that would be a start. Another way is to search online for mom meet up groups. I unfortunately had no luck in that department in my city, but maybe in yours you would.


answers from Los Angeles on

I had to make new friends when I became a mommy (still freinds with the old ones, but just needed some additinal mommy friends). Silly as it sounds, I prayed for God to bring a friend into my life. And boy did He. In additoin, I have tons of mom friends, and aquaintances that aren't just there for get to gethers, but are there when things are hard (like brining home newborns, and unexpected hospital stays), through my churhc and women's bible study group. I cannont tell you what these ladies have meant to me. Our relationships go deeper because we became freinds in a forum that runs deep. If you have any religious inclinations, I recommend church and women's bible study groups esspeccially MOPS groups. (mothers of PreSchoolers). Lost of churches have MOPS groups that provide child care.



answers from Minneapolis on

I agree with the Mops response. I loved my Mops group. I didnt form any super bonds with the other moms, but it was a very positive Christian based group with great speakers and ideas.
I am no longer in Mops, because my kids are older now. I recently heard about a website called meetup.com. It is ways to meet others in your area who have similar interests. I looked for other moms, and a ton of groups came up. They usually have schedules of all the stuff they do and then you can see if it is something that would be a match for you.



answers from St. Louis on

I second MOPS! They have day groups and evening groups, and the time together is relaxing and fun. In my group, we eat a potluck brunch together, have a short speaker/devotion, then either a craft or speaker/activity. Then we have a small group time where we chat with other moms in a more personal way. I've met lots of mamas this way - and we often get together outside the MOPS meetings to let the kids play at the park or just hang out together. It saves my sanity and helps me feel not so isolated.

I also go to a Bible study once a week that is for women (Bible Study Fellowship). It is an international study, so they are located all over the country and the world. It's a nice two hours to spend with other women. The group I'm in also has child classes, so my little ones hear stories, sing songs, and play during that time. It's a refreshing time for me as well.



answers from New York on

Get your kids involved in an activity and meet other moms there! I signed my son up for our local library "toddler book club" and have met some nice moms who also work and don't have tons of time to hang-out. Once a month, we go to the library and hang out while our toddlers are entertained by the librarian! We also started swim lessons over the summer and have become friendly with another family whose son is the same age as ours. We have gotten together with them several times- weekend BBQ, playground after lessons, etc.

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