Looking for Ways to Keep My Car "Organized"

Updated on January 14, 2010
K.C. asks from Bellville, OH
10 answers

My kids seem to never be able to keep the back seat of my car clean because of all of the toys, etc. they keep back there to play with in the car. We are in the car a lot and I am looking for ideas on how to keep the back seat organized. Thank you!

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answers from Evansville on

I recently started putting one of those green shopping bags in the backseat to contain all the toys. Seems to work that they have something to dig around in.

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answers from Indianapolis on

I keep a small tote bag in the backseat to keep all of the car toys organized and tidy although my son likes to take them all out and toss them back on the floor! It helps for quick clean up to just throw them in a bag or a caddy of some sort.


answers from Cleveland on

I keep a small square basket in the back seat of my car. If my daughter doesn't want it, I just put it in the trunk out of the way until she does!!



answers from Fort Wayne on

Have a bag for each of the kids that they keep their "car toys" in. Before they get out of the car, they must pick up all the toys, put them back into their bag, and take the bag into the house where there's a designated spot for it. I never let my kids leave toys in my car, and they're 6 and 7 now. It makes too much of a mess....



answers from Cincinnati on

I use one of the old diaper boxes. I like that it is sturdy and it's easy to load things back into is and carry around when needed.



answers from Indianapolis on

I'm taking it these are toys they are bringing with and then don't take back in the house? Or are these ones they leave only in the car? Well, if it's the first one, you're kids are plenty old enough that if they bring the toys in the car, then they take them back in when you get home otherwise no toys allowed to be taken in car. If it's the second, get a tub that will fit the size of the toys are keep it in the trunk or backseat so they only go in there when you get out of the car.



answers from Cleveland on

When I was a kid, we took a cross-country car trip. We put a shoe organizer over the back of a front seat, so the pockets for the shoes were hanging into the back seat. We stashed all kinds of stuff in those pockets!

Hope that helps

K. Z.


answers from Norfolk on

I started limiting how many toys were kept in the car. As my son got older, he could only take 1 or 2 toys and he'd have to bring them back into the house after each trip. Eventually we got worried about losing them, and I'd tell him "If you leave them at home, then you'll know they are safe and sound, and they'll be there when we get back". Now he just brings a book with him so he can read while we drive.



answers from Indianapolis on

We have a bag that stays in the car that has crayons, books, activities, etc. in it. In addition, a small tote with a lid that can house Barbies, small toys, etc. The KIDS are responsible for making sure the toys are IN the bag or tote before they get out.



answers from Indianapolis on

We keep a fabric basket ($6 from Target) between the car seats in our car where all the toys go. We also keep a small bag that has toys just for taking into restaurants, etc. so they're occupied when we're somewhere public. We rotate the toys occasionally as they get older and their interests change.

I worked out of my car for 9 years. You can buy small plastic buckets (seasonal) at WalMart for $3, and they fit perfectly behind a car seat on the floor. I used mine as a trash can, but we bought another one to keep toys for the bathtub.

Hope that helps. There are all kinds of organizers you can find from places like One Step Ahead, but I've found a large basket/bucket to be most helpful.

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