Looking for Vet Who Will Take Payments- Urgent!

Updated on July 06, 2008
A.M. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
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A friend's dog was hit by a car yesterday. He broke his leg in 4 places , and needs surgery. The vet hospital we took him to iskeeping him sedated, but will not operate on his leg until the owner can pay $3,500.00, which she doesn't have. Help! He's in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

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So What Happened?

Hi all!
The emergency vet hospital on Camp Horne Road is the place that won't treat him without payments first. My friend doesn't have a line of credit large enough to cover the bill, and the hospital won't negotiate. (So much for humane!!!!!). In the meantime, Quincy's leg wasn't even immobilized until she could come up with $1,300.00, by borrowing from friends. The "doc" there left it hanging, dangling backwards for hours!!!!!! Now,the dog's on something similar to i.v. morphine at the vet hospital, and his owner will call her regular vet as well as the ones you all have reccommended tomorrow (first business day since the accident). Thanks for you advice,I'll keep you posted.

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Try calling Care Credit. This is a credit card that your friend can apply for that will cover veterinary bills. If the vet where the dog is does not accept Care Credit, have the owner call other vet emergency places.
Care Credit Phone # 1-800-859-9975 It takes about 3 minutes to apply, if approved, your friend can use it today. Good Luck!



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There is a company called CareCredit. In a sense it is a credit card specifically used for animal hospitals. We are moving to your area and that is why I am on this site, so don't know any specific referrals. However if there is a veterinary college local they will do the surgery as a teaching surgery at a reduced cost. Best of luck to you!


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I would try the vet er clinic that relocated to Camp Horne Road in Pittsburgh: pvs-ec.com.

I used them for two of my dogs when they were in Shaler, and they put the animal first, payment last.

Good luck!



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I was going to suggest the same as the other response, is it possible to put it on a credit card? I know that when our dog's stomach twisted and my husband had to rush him to emergency vet in Monroeville, we put everything on the credit card ($2600). It was worth it, that dog saved our house from burning down one time (sadly, he was diagnosed with cancer last year and we had to put him down to end his suffering). Kudos to you for caring so much.



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Hi A.,
Could I recommend North View Animal Hospital off of McKnight Rd. in the North Hills? I had my husky hospitalized there for a week with internal belleding/blood problem and they accepted payments. Also, in the South Hills John Stepuson at Affordable Care Vet Clinic in Finleyville is pretty reasonable. I think it's horrible that they would allow a dog in pain (even though sedated) until cash can be placed on the barrel! Can she put the surgery on a credit card then pay THAT off? Sorry to hear about the accident.

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