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Updated on January 16, 2009
N.L. asks from Plano, TX
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We just adopted a new kitten in December. I'm lookng for a vet in the Murphy area but will go to Plano or Willie if I need to. We are looking for a vet that is honest, not too expensive and will declaw our kitten. Any advise on vets good or bad would be helpful :)

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answers from Dallas on

Hi Nikki
We take our cats to Breckenridge Animal Hospital on Renner and Los Rios. The vets are a married coulple that graduated from Texas A&M and they are FABULOUS. They are both educated on the lastest treatments for your cat and really do "love" thier patients. Our friends take their dog to Southfork Animal Clinic on Murphy Rd (past city hall) They have mentioned several times how impressed they are with the care their dog has gotten their. Good luck with your new kitten.

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I second Breckenridge Park Animal hospital. Very nice facility, terrific docs and all around great human beings.



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Southfork Animal Clinic in Murphy may be just what you're looking for. Dr. Chalkly is very experienced and reasonably priced. When we lived in Parker, we took our cats there. Their phone number is ###-###-#### and they are located at 1101 N. Muphy Road.
Good luck with your new kitty!
B. G. (owner of 3 cats)



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Hi Nikki,
I highly recommend Allen Veterinary Hospital in Allen. It is east of 75 on Main St (McDermott west of 75). It's a bit of a drive for me from Plano, but well worth it. The best way I could describe them is an old country Vet. I feel like they care about animals, not about making money. A few times I have been to a vet where they were constantly pushing certain food that they sell or other products or recommend procedures that are unnecessary.

Dr Overton is the senior Vet and Dr Coffman is the newest Dr. They usually keep the back door open and you can hear the staff collaborating. I guess it makes me feel comfortable knowing they have nothing to hide behind the doors - kind of like a restaurant where you can see the kitchen.

I have dogs, so I can't speak to how they treat cats, but while I was there on Tuesday, our exam room had a cat, Bageera, snoozing on the scale. In fact, they have several residents including birds,ferrets and an English Bull Dog behind the counter. These are animal people. They are very honest about the cost of their procedures, so I would just call them and ask how much the declaw is so you can compare prices.


I can't say enough good things about this place. Good luck with your little kitty!

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