Looking for Very Inexpensive Vehicle for Family of 5. . . - Broken Arrow,OK

Updated on July 28, 2008
M.H. asks from Broken Arrow, OK
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We had a van that worked very well as our family's mode of group transportation. The transmission went down (we could only drive speeds up to 40-45 mph) and just the other day, the brakes went out of it. The money it is going to take to fix these things is more than what this particular vehicle is worth. We have horrible credit and too many bills so financing another vehicle is out of the question. Besides, the last thing we need is another bill. Our other vehicle is a 4-seater that we got a few months before we were suprised by the pregnancy of our 3rd child, who is now about 10 months. We can't trade it in, back to the credit thing, plus it has a lot of miles on it from traveling with my cleaning business. We just need something that runs well, has good history, and will hold 5 people legally. Good gas mileage is a plus, but the main thing is to have something that will allow the whole family to go somewhere together, plus the fact that since we both work, we are a two vehicle family. We live in Oklahoma, in the Broken Arrow area.

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It probably depends on how much you can spend. THere's a new Car Max open on Memorial around 91st. I feel you on the credit issue. We've been functioning with one vehicle for the past 10 months! (not fun)



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Try calling Enterprise.com. If your credit is good, you can get a good used vehicle with payments as low as $150-$180/month. This is what we did. After making many "on-time" payments, we refinanced the car and now our payments are $130/mo. Now....our car doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but it doesn't bother be to roll the window by hand and we don't need a CD player in the car. (We have a 4-door, Dodge Neon for 2+ years now.)

Another option may be Carsoup.com.

Hope this helps.



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I know I have hear a lot of car deals around here claim to work with anyone. In fact one dealer has a paid tv show about just that. Also I do not know if you have any savings but a while back when we need a good car Lannie found one sold by a regular person with a ad on cars dots.com also check theTulsa world.


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Hi Mandy,
Have you tried looking on craigslist.com? My husband gets our vehicles that way and we've had very good luck.
W. Q

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