Looking for Vendors for a KidsFest in Lower Bucks County, PA

Updated on May 07, 2007
T.Y. asks from Levittown, PA
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Hi, I am working on an event for my son's school and I'm looking for local vendors. We are having a David Jack Concert and KidsFest at Neshaminy Middle School in Langhorne, PA on May 19th and I'm looking for local vendors that are kid friendly that would like to have a table. We'll be doing a scavenger hunt for the kids, arts & crafts, games, moonbounce, Puppets Pizzazz, and more. Does anyone have any suggestions for good vendors? We have Discovery Toys, Usbourne Books, Lila Guide, Dove Chocolate, etc. We have a need for a music vendor and anything else that would be good for children. Thanks in advance for your help.

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How about Marilyn Schwartz's Kids MusicRound? They do music classes for tots around Bucks Co. and Marilyn also does parties...

[email protected]____.com

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I don't know exactly what you had in mind, but are you familiar with Just Me Music? During the Christmas season you can find them in Neshaminy Mall and they were at Oxford Valley this past Christmas. The sell personalized CDs and books, but it's just VeggieTales, Barney, The Wiggles, and Elmo.


If you were looking for some type of food vendor, are you familiar with Friends and Family Pizza Buffet in Bristol? They might be an option. They're located in the Path Mark shopping center at route 413 and Durham Road. I don't have any of their info handy, but I did add them to this site.

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Hi T.,

WOW! You are very close to me. I live in Croydon. My name is S. and I am the mom inventor of the Handy BUrpee.

I honestly don't know if I can attend the show. I am 5 mos. preggie and I really have not done any shows this year because I can't lift my tote myself and my "Partner" (sister) just had her baby girl, so she can't help me.

Can you tell me how much a table is and I can check to see if a family member MIGHT be able to help me and if my hubby is not going to be busy that day.

It is very nice to meet someone from the area. What is your product? Good luck trying for another!! It took my hubby a little while for the 3rd, but he gave in and we are due in Sept. with a baby GIRL!! We have two boys, 5 and 2.5......

Can't wait to chat with you.

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