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Updated on March 14, 2011
S. asks from Spring, TX
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Hi ladies, I am in need of a new stroller but can't find anything that works for our family. I need a stroller that folds flat enough to fit behind the 3rd row of a Ford Expedition (very snug space). The stroller must accommodate an infant seat. We want a very well-padded seat that reclines. I would love it if the stroller were tall enough with enough leg room to seat an older toddler when I am carrying the new baby in a sling carrier. Then there are the obvious features everybody wants--durable, lightweight, easy-to-steer, easy-to-fold, etc. AND....here's the clincher....I don't want to pay a lot of money for it. Do any of you ladies have a stroller you absolutely love that fits all or most of these specifications, or am I asking too much?

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answers from Boca Raton on

love love love our MacLaren Techno...got it on ebay for a lot less. very sturdy and compact. We rented a Ford Expedition on last trip and it fit no problem. kicked my self for wasting $ on a Bugaboo should have started with the Maclaren and i woudl have only had to buy 1.

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answers from New York on

I have the Joovy Kooper which has all the things you want BUT I am not sure about holding the car seat. I am not saying it can't but I never needed since I got this one after my kid didn't need the car seat.
My daughter is 2.5 and this stroller has plenty of space, is very sturdy (my 13 year old have sit on it) but is not that heavy, easy to close and open, folds small to put it in the back, it has good storage, have a big canopy and is a lot cheaper then many of the others with similar characteristics.



answers from Provo on

So you want a single stroller?? Peg Perego P3 is your stroller. It doesn't fold like they typical stroller. Do you remember folding paper in hamburger an hotdog style? Most of the strollers are hamburger, a Peg is a hot dog!!!! It fits nearly everywhere. So far there hasn't been a spot it can't fit.
I love it because it will fit most infant seats, you just need the strap (which you buy seperatly) to hold down the seat. There is also a stand where a toddler can stand. So if your infant (seat has to be up in order for this to work) is sitting, your toddler hold on to the stroller and ride along.
It goes most anywhere. I haven't tried it in mud ( I wouldn't walk in mud anyway) but i have used it on gravel, grass, cement, the mall (it steers soo nicely). OH AND IT STANDS UP WHEN FOLDED!!! I always forget about that, but love it when I'm juggling everything, but I don't want the stroller to just be laying in the dirty parking lot.

It is pricey if you get it at a normal retail store. I got mine, brand new, on ebay for $170 which is about half off, and I got free shipping. Check them out! I love this stroller!
Oh I have had my 3 year old, very heavy nephew in the stroller and he loves it. He usually begs to be in it wherever we go anywhere.


answers from Sacramento on

I had a Bugaboo Frog for 5 years and it was excellent. (We also drive an Expedition and it does fit behind the 3rd row when folded. When the 3rd row is down, you can just fold the handle down and throw the whole thing in there without folding the stroller itself.) If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, I'd look for one on Craigslist used. We recently sold ours for $250 and the lady who bought it was thrilled. She thought it looked good as new (and I will tell you, I used that thing HARD, but it really held up!).


answers from Denver on

We LOVE our Combi, it is small like an umbrella stroller but works as a travel system as well. Very reasonably priced. You might have luck finding one at a local Children's consignment or used online in great condition for cheap. We bought ours used and have had no issues, it is a sturdy, compact, lightweight, versatile stroller. We love it so much we are looking into purchasing the double version for infant & toddler, as we prepare to welcome #2.



answers from Waco on

It is pricey, but I absolutley LOVE my Phil & Ted's. It was honestly worth every penney. We've had several different strollers throughout the years and it is hands-down, the best one we've ever owned.



answers from Chicago on

We have the UppaBaby Vista. I love it! It folds compact, comes with a bassinet and toddler seat (takes seconds to interchange and can be forward or rear facing), can accommodate a car seat, sits ups high off the ground, pretty lightweight, and super easy to steer. The best part for me is how versatile it is, You can use it as a single stroller or you can buy the rumble seat or the piggy back board to stand on and make it a double or a triple. It is pretty expensive, but it could be the only stroller you ever need. You can also find great deals on Craigslist too, if you don't mind buying used. It fits my 2 1/2 year old and my 4 1/2 year old.

Another option that we also own is the Maclaren Techno. We love that and use it for travel a lot.

Best of luck to you on your search.

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