Looking for the Perfect Purse. Do You Have One??

Updated on April 18, 2012
E.B. asks from Sour Lake, TX
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My old one was is worn to a frazzle. I use only one at a time. It needs to have organizational pockets etc., be leather-or-leatherish and be worn across the body. My old one is from Fossil but it's not in the budget this time. $65 tops. Does anyone have one that they adore and would be willing to share your source?? Thanks in advance!!

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answers from Eugene on

I just do one bag at a time, too. This one I just found a month or two ago at TJ Maxx. It's real leather, black and has backpack straps, which I like for running errands. Tignanello brand, 2 outside and 2 inside pockets, about 12" high, flat style that sits close to my body but big enough for a water bottle and all my necessary junk inside.

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answers from College Station on

I have a Miche bag. It's not my favorite, but it works. The inside zipper pocket is a little tight for me, but I like that I can pop the shell off and put a new one on.

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answers from St. Louis on

I bought my Relic at Kohls....<$50. Crossbody, larger size. Made of canvas, though...but survives the laundry!

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answers from Seattle on

Yup! Ross, TJ Maxx, or Marshalls! Cutest purses for great prices. My favorite bag from Ross is a red Jessica Simpson purse with leopard print lining. And it was $50ish, normally double that at regular stores! Or consider spending extra on a coach purse, even from their outlets, because they guarantee them for life and replace them if they can't repair them!

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answers from St. Louis on

I didn't think I would but I am loving 31 purses. I can't remember the name but I have the over the shoulder one and the one you can change the skirts on.

They are within your budget and they great pockets and stuff to keep organized. Plus in April they are half price!

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answers from Milwaukee on

Check REI too. They carry purses that are functional. I got a couple cross bodies from there.

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answers from Kalamazoo on

Do you have a Macy's near you? I love my Fossil purse and it does everything you've stated, but I managed to get it at a huge discount at one of those Macy's hard holder events. The bag was already reduced (from $150) and then I got an additional 25% off with one of their card holder coupons. Usually they don't include clearance items, but I either lucked out and it was included, or the perhaps the sales person gave it to me anyway? Regardless, it was a great deal and close to dollar value you quoted.

Good luck!

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answers from Chicago on

Try a Ross or TjMaxx or Marshalls - I am not big on the kind you are asking for I am more of a high fashion, purse goes with day/outfit/event kind of gal, but I have seen the kind you are looking for there brand name good prices ;)

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answers from Minneapolis on

It's not leather, but I LOVE my Haiku brand purse... and get complimented on it all the time!


I found it in the clearance section of their website - but they are carried other places as well (including Amazon.com). The one I have is still on sale - it's the "To-Go" bag.

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answers from New York on

kathy van zeeland i believe is the name of the brand... ive had a few of them.. theyre not crazy expensive but definatley not cheap.. macys has them the last one i got macys was having a sale and i got it for like 40$

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answers from Washington DC on


Yes!! I have the perfect purse!!! However, it's above your budget - sorry!! I have a DKNY black with gold zippers. I am a compartment girl so this is the PERFECT purse for me!!


What are you looking for in way of a purse? I have a Fossil purse that I will be listing on ebay this week. If you tell me what you are looking for - I could probably just give it to you. Send me a PM and I'll take a picture of it for you.

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answers from Dallas on

I was not purse shopping when last spring I found a purse at Macy's that I loved.

It happened to be on a sale rack but was the color , leather, and pockets galore that I love.

Top it off...... It was $135 and I paid $45 total. I don't know how that worked but I love it! It's an ivory type color and I adore the numerous sections.

I've had all Coach until then upwards of $400+ and this purse is my favorite!!

Good luck

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answers from Houston on

moop! she is a little over your price range, but I'll share anyways

Really though, go to Ross or Marshalls (like everyone else said)... some graet deals there

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answers from Beaumont on

I am not a fancy purse person and I got an across the body leather looking purse(it might be real leather not sure) at Target almost a year ago and I love it. Use it everday of my life. People have admired it and asked me about it. It is not real big but holds everything.

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answers from Boston on

I buy all my bags at eBags.com Right now I am using an Ellington hobo that is no longer made (i bought it in 2 colors just to make sure I always have one). The baggalini one in the link is almost identical to my Ellington bag. I use non-leather parachute material bags since they are light and last a long time. The strap can be shortened for under-arm wear of you can wear it cross body.
My other all time favorite go-to bag is the Ameribag style, again rip-stop nylon, lightweight with lots of pockets. It is available in leather and microfiber and such, but I prefer the 'distressed nylon' which is like a crinkle rip stop nylon.
Can't wait to read all the other responses,I love purses!

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answers from Houston on

There is no such thing- it's a conspiracy. You will find one that is close enough and buy it but if it was really perfect you'd never need another purse so I don't think the "perfect" purse exists :) Happy shopping!

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