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Updated on October 26, 2009
L.L. asks from San Marcos, CA
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Hi Ladies!
I'm expecting my 2nd baby in 8 weeks and I'm doing some research on double strollers. I would appreciate any advice you have to give me.
I have a son who is active and 3 years old. He does well in his stroller now but I can see how a sit and stand would benefit him. I've been looking at the Joovy caboose.
I would love a light weight, easy to manuver, stroller.
Again...I appreciate any advice you have to give. Thank you so much!

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answers from Reno on

I have the same stroller and have been using it for years. My boys are 14 months apart and I bought it when they were 1 and 2 for a trip to Disneyland. It folds easily and is light enough to carry with one hand. Good luck.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I have a joovey caboose child in front sits, child in back can either sit or stand. Great stroller



answers from San Diego on

I have a 3 year old and a 5 month old. I discovered that most double strollers only accomodate a child up to 40 pounds in each seat. I'm not sure how big your child is, but my son is already 40 lbs, so we're having to buy the Graco Quattro Duo because it allows for up to 50 lbs in the front seat. The sit n stands we looked at only accomodate up to 40 lbs in the back (bummer because my son would have loved it)!
Good luck in your search!



answers from Los Angeles on

I was on a similar quest about a year and half ago. Here's my two cents.

We have the Graco Quattro Tour Double stroller. It's looks cool and maneuvers well without a lot of weight. The heaviest child sits in the front - this a serious design flaw in my book. My son was over 40 lbs when my daughter was born. It was VERY difficult to push & maneuver with all the weight in the front. It's been sitting in our garage for almost a year now. :( We also have the Joovy Caboose. I like it for short trips. It's a little hard on my wrists for long days and my son (4 1/2) will still take a nap in a stroller at places like Disneyland. We needed something he could sit and lean back (& recline) in. We finally ended up with the BOB double Revolution. It's expensive, but SO WORTH IT!!!! Hands down THE BEST STROLLER WE'VE EVER HAD!!! I wish we had bought a single when my son was little. With both our kids in the stroller (about 75+ lbs of little people), it's a DREAM to maneuver - so easy. No kidding. It fits through all standard doorways and is easy to fold. It's lighter than the Graco double. And it will hold 100 lbs of little people! :) I'm in love and I take that stroller whenever I have both kids. My Joovy (much lighter than the BOB) has even taken a backseat to the BOB. Good luck! I know this tough but you'll find just the right thing that will work for you. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me back. And good luck with baby #2! :)



answers from Allentown on

Double stroller by BabyTrend (Target, $160) is what I'm using. I have my 2-yr-old and a 4-month-old, don't know what I'd do w/ out it! Very easy to maneuver, great workout when going for walks, and easy to collapse so you can stash it in your vehicle.

Good luck :)



answers from Las Vegas on

I have the Sit and satnd stroller and I love it. I also have a 3 year old and a 6 month old. That is by far the best stroller. I like how I can let my 3 year old have a little freeedom by standing up but at the same time I can make him sit and strap him in if I have to. So If I were you I would go for the sit and stand one.



answers from Los Angeles on

I went to the store to buy a sit n stand but found out to have the infant seat the front seat has to be fully reclined making it difficult for the older one to sit in the back. Standing is still ok. We got the Graco Duoglider instead. I loooooove it. It is a little on the heavy side but I do ok. The one thing I would like to mention though is that was only used it for about 6-8 months. I had a 2 1/2 year old when my 2nd was born. You may want to think about borrowing or getting a double second hand as your son is older. The sit in stand may not be useable for a few months while the baby is in the infant seat. By the time they could both actually be in it your son may not be interested.



answers from Los Angeles on

I love my joovy ultralight double stoller. If you are looking for a sit n stand, this one is the BEST!!! I am very happy with it.
I also have a maclaren double umbrella, I love it too but for different reasons.
My kids are very close in age so I use my double strollers often.
Hope this helps!

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