Looking for Sport Activities for 2 Year Olds

Updated on April 05, 2006
T. asks from Arlington, TX
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My little boy would rather play with bats, balls, baseball gloves, and helmets rather than watch cartoons or cars. He will sit and watch a basketball game for hours mimicking how the players shoot and he is totally fascinated with sports. I don't push him to be like this, he just naturally is. Is there anyone that knows of something pertaining to sports that he can get involved in at this early age? Please let me know.

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Have you tried the YMCA? I know they definintely have swim programs for toddlers, but not sure about other sports. You might look online to see what they offer (http://www.ymca-arlington.org).



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Try the Rec centers. I don't live in Arlington, but Coppell rec centers have sports classes starting at age 3.



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My kids are 2 and 3, which means I am always looking for fun things for them to be involved in. The best resource I have found for activites is actually a few of the local recreation centers (I use Hurst and NRH). Here's the link to finding information about what's going on at your local recreation centers in Arlington for preschoolers: http://www.ci.arlington.tx.us/park/funtimes/funtimes_2006...



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I'm not sure of the age, but I would contact the Arlington Recreation Center since you're there in Arlington. There are several different locations. Check out the list below and try to get your hands on a Fun Times brochure for more deatils! Here's wishing your son lots of luck in his sports! Who knows what he'll become! That's very exciting!


Go nuts! Sign up for all your favorite classes and enjoy a full year of fun... We are sure you will give our programs a thumbs up.

Classes and programs to choose from include:

fine arts
inline hockey and skating
martial arts
rock climbing
senior recreation
special interest
sports leagues
sports classes
teen programs
preschool classes

Facility cards are required for participation in all classes and programs at recreation centers. This ID card is issued at the time of purchase and is valid for one year. Click here for more information.

Class fees: Most class fees are under $50. Please refer to the FUNTIMES magazine for individual class fees.

Classes and programs are listed in the FUNTIMES magazine. Copies of the FUNTIMES magazine can be picked up at all Arlington recreation centers, the Parks and Recreation Department's main office, City Hall and the main library. Or call ###-###-#### to request a copy be sent to you.

Satisfaction Guaranteed! The Arlington Parks & Recreation Department guarantees your satisfaction with our programs and classes. If you are not happy with the quality of a program, please let us know immediately so we’ll have the opportunity to correct the situation or credit your account for an activity at a later date. We value you as a customer and wish to provide an enjoyable recreational experience.

Special accommodations: We recognize that each individual using our service is different. If you need special accommodations in order to participate, please let our staff know. Staff will assist you in enjoying your recreational experience.



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my two year old son is exactly the same way. He loves all sports and is pretty good for a two year old.
I haven't heard of any sports for a two year old.
The is a soccertots.net its not a game just learning.

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