Looking for Someone to Home School My Child

Updated on April 14, 2010
B.C. asks from Arlington, TX
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hi,moms im looking for a teacher are a tutor to home school my daughter she is 13 we live in arlington she hates public schools some info would be great thankyou

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answers from Dallas on

My children go to Lakewood Presbyterian in Lakewood Dallas. It is kinda like homeschool, but they do have to go to school, tues- fri from 8:00 to 11:45. If there was any way to get her there it is a great school and alternative.

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A lot of moms here are mis-informed about the homeschooling laws here in Texas. You can designate someone other than yourself or someone living in your household to homeschool your child. And in Texas homeschooling is considered a private school.

That being said, I would not advise that you seek this route. Very rarely does it work, and I do mean VERY rarely. Especially if your child does not already know and have a relationship with that person.

I want to send you a big hug, as I know right now you are hurting. I have a soon to be 12 year old who has friends from church in Jr High and they are also experiencing bullying. This is one of the main reasons I did not want my own girls to head into the Jr High system.

You did not state your situation and why you are seeking someone else instead of homeschooling yourself. Maybe you are a working mom and can not with your schedule or maybe you just dont feel you are capable?

I first would look at some of the charter schools in the area, they are free, and some are harder on behavior issues from students than others.
Someone mentioned K-12 and it is a very do-able approach, at 13 she could handle most of her work on her own, but there still has to be someone there that is VERY involved or it just wont work out. They lay everything out for you and even give you all the materials and a computer to use for the year. I want to caution anyone looking at this program though, as it is still parent intensive and does have a lot of requirements.

I wish you the best! There is a homeschool bookfair coming in May, I highly suggest you attend and check things out. It is only here once a year, the first week in May. http://www.homeschoolbookfair.org/

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Not sure of the requirements in TX, however in NC, the only persons allowed to provide academic instructions are: parent; legal guardian; or, a member of the household in which the child resides.

A parent/guardian not meeting this home school legal definition automatically voids his/her home school's legal status which could then result in compulsory attendance violation prosecution by local officials.

Teachers may be utilized entirely, though, for elective learning activities such as foreign or sign language instruction, private music lessons, choral or band instruction, athletic related training, art instruction, keyboarding, computer usage and other similar types of enrichment or skill development/enhancement activities.

Tutors may not be used to provide the initial foundational academic instruction in lieu of the parent/guardian. Once the parent/guardian has provided the initial foundational academic instruction in the academic subject, a tutor may then provide any additional academic instruction in that subject.

I will be homeschooling my 13 & 10 yr old next year and i'm looking forward to the experience.....

I pray you found a solution to your problem.

God bless

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I will be homeschooling my son and another boy for pay next year. I currently homeschool the other boy one day per week in English. The laws are fine with it in Texas. I've looked into them all. I also live in Arlington. I'd be willing to meet with you and your daughter and talk to you about it. My number is: ###-###-####

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answers from San Francisco on

You could also see if there is a home school co-op.

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My brother and sister in law use online homeschooling here in Texas. They have an 11 and 12 year old - and neither were doing well in public school. This has been wonderful for them. They are taking their TASP (I think) testing now, actually.

If you have a computer and online access - this may be something you want to look into. They have found the curriculum to be stellar an it's approved/accredited for homeschooling here in Texas. I will try to find out which online school they use and update this.

Good luck :)

Update:: Texas Connections Academy. They are Texas based and you can live anywhere in the state. It's a free online public school, no tution and they even provide loaner computers and help with internet access. My brother and sister-in-law choose this as their homeschool option.


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answers from Spartanburg on

Only a parent can homeschool their child. You can look into K12 and other such programs (Calvert has one and I've also heard of others but don't know the names). These are online schools that are public school, but done on your own at home. Because they are public schools they are also free. This might be ideal for your daughter. You can google online public schools for TX and probably find a few. Or look up K12 (.com I believe...). They can give you more information.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Check with the rules in Texas. You can go here to this website
It will explain what to do in your state and the rules.
I am also in NC so our rules are much different.
In some states a homeschool can include one other family other than that of the one that lives in the house. After that it becomes a private school.
13 is a hard age and 7th and 8th graders are notoriously mean. Soon she will be in the high school and things will get better.
Homeschooling is a lot of work, especially if you havent' done it before. It takes a great deal of perseverance. In NC we have to actually take attendance and can be visited by state officials.
Takign her out at the end of middle school because she hates school is a cop-out. It teaches her to run from her problems.
Try to get her involved in the school's activities, the clubs, the sports, the year end drama production. These activities will help her a great deal.

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