Looking for Some Kind of Sling You Can Breastfeed In

Updated on November 30, 2010
G.T. asks from Canton, MA
11 answers

Hi there. I would love some advice on a sling (or something similiar) that is EASY to put on and EASY to nurse in.

I have a Maya wrap and a baby Bjorn - and what a nightmare with both. HATED them with my first child. I was able to nurse her for a year, and to be honest, I really did not like it, but I thought it was for the best. I am small breasted so I had to use 2 pillows to prop her up enough.

Now with a toddler running around and my second baby due in about a month, I want to make it as easy as possible on myself.

I would love to hear what other moms had success with. Thanks!

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answers from San Diego on

Honestly, when my baby was first born, I couldn't really breastfeed using any sort of carrier. I always felt that I was either going to suffocate her or twist her neck. Thankfully, she was light enough that I could hold her in my arms and walk around with her while I nursed.

Now that she's older and has better head control, I am able to nurse her in the Bjorn. I just have to keep it low enough so that her face is at the same level as my breasts. I do have to maneuver a little to get the nipple in her mouth, but once she's latched on, it is so easy to just walk around with her like that. I put a nursing cover over the whole shebang, and no one can tell. I wish I had figured out how to do this with my first, because it has made my life so much easier.

I know other moms who were able to nurse their kiddos while carrying them in an Ergo. But, again, that's not until they are a little older.

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answers from Providence on

The Ultimate Baby Wrap. It's super easy to use, just watch the video. I nursed my second in it all the time. It provides excellent coverage if your out in public and don't want to be obvious about nursing. I could walk around a store without anyone realizing I was nursing. It can be used as a sling, front carrier, side carrier(great for that too) & a back carrier (although I never tried that). Good luck & congratulations!


answers from Austin on

Not sure if you remember this, but over the last 12-24 months, there were a number of recalls issued for infant slings that allowed the baby's neck to fall forward and cut off air. Even older babies with stronger neck muscles were at risk...

I currently have an 8 week old. Sure, sometimes I have to balance her on the breastfeeding pillow to walk in the other room, grab the phone, etc., but mostly I'm stationery when nursing. I feel I really need to be able to see what's going on with the baby and be able to access her quickly, especially if she starts coughing/choking on too much milk, readjusting a latch, or needs help with burping. In regard to moments where she needed help while nursing, Im not sure how I would feel if I had to get through a sling before could access her. A nursing sling sounds good but it might not be that practical in actual use. Just my 2 cents...



answers from Boston on

bjorn's are horrible for both you and baby.
My sister and my friends all had luck nursing w/ a maya wrap. I used a sling from slinglings.com and an ergo I had more difficulty nursing my baby in the ergo then in the sling. The sling had him in just the right spot. My youngest was much lighter then my first and I was able to walk around the house w/o having him in any carrier and nurse but the carriers were great for nursing while on the go.


answers from Lubbock on

i would like to know the same thing!



answers from Pittsfield on

My experience with slings is that you need to try , try , try again. My daughter didn't like her slings initially, so I didn't push. With my 2nd - I had to. I found the Maya wrap to be the most easy to breastfeed in - especially being small breasted. I could arrange it to the perfect height. The ergo is another good one - and could be used for both kids.
I suggest you find a store that sells a variety of slings and they usually host a babywearing 101 class - or could certainly just be helpful. They often will also let you borrow a sling and try it out first. A little help from an experienced sling wearing breast feeding mom - might do the trick. That was what really made the difference for me. Shoulder placement - and how to adjust it - can be complicated to figure out on yourown.

Good luck. Baby wearing really does make it all easier - eventually :)


answers from Denver on

I had pretty good luck nursing #1 in my Mei Tai carrier, bought it from Etsy.com (Clover Baby Designs). Just make sure the shoulder straps are wide enough to provide enough coverage/privacy. I like you am getting ready for #2 to arrive with a busy one at my feet so I am curious to see what carriers others suggest.



answers from New York on

i used the maya wrap and did well with it, i loved it, but it really took me quite a while to get the hang of nursing in it. when the baby is little, i did best just holding them. try sitting with your legs crossed and using your knee to prop up the baby, and you can do this with the baby in the maya wrap, just loosen up a bit and adjust yourselves.



answers from Springfield on

I use my ergo to nurse in,,,but that is mainly if the need arises when I need to be grocery shopping, at home or most other places, I have definitely mastered the nursing while moving. I think that it was something I had to learn when number two came, because if I acted like I was forced to sit it seemed to be that my first son knew and would use it as a time to do naughty things but once I showed him that I could still get him and put him in time out while nursing then he kinda got the picture, well as much as any two year old can.

I have had great luck nursing in the ergo...but it would probably be hard with a very tiny baby. I just had to loosen the straps so that he sits nipple level, and tighten them again after.



answers from Las Vegas on

Once baby and I had the hang of things, I could walk around the house as she fed, no sling.



answers from Boston on

I liked the maya wrap for nursing in, and the mei tai for just wearing the kids around, though once they reached about 20ish pounds, there was no more sling nursing. (I nursed the first 2 'til around 3 years and the third is now 22 months and going strong) You might be able to find a babywearing group near you and be able to try out different types of slings/carriers to find one you like. Boston Babywearers meets once a month at the Somerville Library and they have a lending library (you have to make a 50% deposit, refundable when you return the carrier). They're at www.bostonbabywearers.com

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