Looking for Small Wooden Swing Set for Small Backyard

Updated on March 28, 2008
M.C. asks from The Colony, TX
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My son is turning three in a few weeks and we are thinking about purchasing a swing set for him. However, our backyard is not very large and it seems that most of the sets we've looked at are too big. Do any of you have any suggestions as to where to look for smaller swing sets? (preferably wooden or plastic)

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We just had an awesome swingset custom built and installed for much less than Rainbow, etc., by an individual who does this. He did a great job! PM me if you'd like to see pics :)

Keith OBriant
[email protected]____.com

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Have you tried some of the custom swing set companies such as Rainbow, Wooden Swing and Woodlawn?

We have a Woodlawn that we purchased and had installed in 2001 and it still looks brand new. My daughter is now 13 and it is now rarely used.

When we bought this set, we had options of the size and what to include. Also think about what he will grow into as well!!

Hope this helps somehow.


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Try going to Kids In Swings in Plano. They are on the northeast corner of Parker and Preston. Our former house was a zero lot line so the backyard was extremely tight. The set fit there. Here is a photo from the company's web site: http://www.kidsinswings.com/ST3_16_C05242005.html

The sets are pricey, however our set is now over 3 years old. We had it restained at 2 years to keep it looking new and it looks like we purchased it a week ago. The kids play on it nearly every day that we can go outside so we feel it was well worth the investment. It has a fort, sandbox/picnic table, climbing wall, slide, ladder, ramp, and swing arm made for a child up to 50 lbs. We can add an A-frame swing arm to allow for more weight as the kids get older now that we have a larger hard.

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Not sure where you live but southlake is having massive neighborhood garage sales this weekend. I would check it out every house has a playset here! And the kids always grow out of them. Also little tykes has a cute one that is plastic but it depends on how big your three year old is. I would invest in a nice one that will last and wont look crappy in your backyard in a month from the rain.Good Luck


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http://www.pronto.com/mpm/Kettler-Deluxe-SingleSeat-Swing.... We bought this one when our daughter was 3 and she is 6 now, it still looks good and she uses it almost everyday! I know it isn't wood, but she just wanted a swing and it is small and fits nicely in our yard. All our other children were older so we had already gotten rid of the bigger kid sets by the time she came around. :) Maybe this will be a nice option for you. Good luck!



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Most of the wooden swing sets are a bit large, but you can try Home Depot (we got ours there, it's medium-sized). If you're open to different ideas, you may want to try Little Tikes because they offer a wide variety of swing sets; go to littletikes.com and click on Outdoor Toys. Take a look at the "Endless Adventures™ Variety Climber™ and Swing Set Extension" or the "Clubhouse™ Swingset".



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M. - I don't know how much you are looking to spend or if you are looking to buy something brand new, but we have a Cedar Works swing set that fits our tiny back yard. It is 8 years old and has been reinforced with new wooden planks. If you re-stained it, it would probably look brand new. We bought new swings and a trapeze bar from Rainbow. You could put up a baby swing for now if you wanted to. Let me know if you are interested. We are looking to get rid of ours as our kids are outgrowing it! You can email me at [email protected]____.com if you are interested in it. I can send you pics. If you come pick it up, you can have it for free! We live in Highland Village.



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We bought one from Home Depot made by Timber Built called Brookview II. It is a nice size, but not too big. Our 2 y/o son loves it!



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Hi M. -

Have you tried looking on craigslist.org?



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We have a small backyard too. I got ours at Wal-mart for around $350. It is definitely not a Rainbow, but none of those would fit in our yard. We have had it for 2 years and has held up better than I thought. It is wood and has 2 swings, glider, fort, monkey bars, slide and a dinky rock climber. We paid someone to put it together, and we found their name at Toys R Us.



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I forgot the name of the store, but there is a wonderful place on Alpha just on the west side of the tollway...oh gosh, does anyone know the name? It is a few stores south of Costume World in Dallas....sorry...

R. Baker

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