Looking for Small Dog of Any Kind by Xmas

Updated on December 17, 2005
M.H. asks from Cedar Hill, TX
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hello ladies, yes i am looking for a small dog. my daughter has myasthenia gravis a disorder of her muscles and nerves and the doctor says having a pet to run and play with would be perfect exercise for her to do with out realize she exercising. she goes to theraphy so telling her to do more at home sometimes doesn't go well , And i believe having something of her own to take care and love will just help her spirits and her greatly .

And Yes she has asked Santa for a Pink Dog. :) I thought i would put a pink sweater and bows on her if we find one .
I really hope that someone knows or has a dog for sell or free. We have a little girl who has lots of love to give to it
Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A coworker of mine who loves dogs says to try the humane soceity. http://www.hsnt.net/



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HI Michelle - well first of all I applaud you for being such a positive role model by searching out ways to aid your daughter without making it seem like a chore to her!

Secondly, we have a Jack Russel - and love her to peices, we got her from animal rescue here in dallas. That is (in my opinion) the best way to get great dogs for super cheap or even free (especially if you explain your situation). . . most of the time they are staying with host families until they can find a good home and there have been a lot of rescue dogs since hurricane Katrina floating around the DFW rescue lines.

Here are a couple websites for Jack russells if you are interested in the breed. They are small, friendly and FULL OF ENERGY!!! Plus they dont mind being dressed up in outfits (target has super cute ones for cheap!)




I wish we had a dog for you, but hopefully this might send you in the right direction. . . another breed to check out are the italian greyhounds (very gentle, small and energetic and love to run around). Again, searching online for local rescue places is a good way to go.

I wish you the best of luck and hope you have a wonderful holiday season!




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Hi there, I live up in McKinney. This link is for FREE Golden Retriever puppies. I know they get big but they are GREAT with children and if these pups don't find a home they will be put to sleep. I hope they make a match. I'm sorry I didn't know how to attach pictures, but they are very cute and the mother is very loving. Merry Christmas and God Bless!

[email protected]____.com



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Hello Michelle,

I wish I could have gotten back with you yesterday. The Cedar Hill PetCo has free pet adoptions on most Saturdays. I would call up there to see when they are scheduled for the next one. These puppies generally have shots and are simply adorable.


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