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Updated on February 13, 2009
M.E. asks from Arlington, TX
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Hello Moms,

We started going to the gym last week and we really would like to go at least 4x a week. The problem is trying to figure out what we can have for dinner that is healthy and quick to fix before we go to the gym. Since we don't go until around 6:30 we really need to eat and feed the kids before we go since it is 8:00 before we get home. Please share any quick, easy healthy recipes that you have.

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Grilled chicken over salad...grill chick w/ McCormmick's seasoning (takes about 10min). Top salad with cut up chicken, parmesean cheese, crutons & your favorite fat free dressing. I isn't gourmet but it's good. My kids love it with ranch...I have to chop theirs up pretty fine though. I also serve the kids a carb on the side...mac n cheese, garlic bread or grilled cheese. I really like this salad with a raspberry walnut vinaigrette!

Also, I cook a lot with couscous (w/ chicken broth) instead of rice or pasta...it is a little healthier and it takes 5 min to cook : ) I like to throw in EVOO, garlic, feta and black olives but it might be healthier to use a little parmesean cheese instead.



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Hi, I am a Pampered Chef Consultant and would love to email you some recipe ideas. They are all in pdf so I cannot attach them here. If you are intersted, I could come demo a recipe for you and your friends. No pressure, but there is a California Club pizza, all with fresh ingredients and chicken so you get protein, not greazy and ready to eat in less than 30 minutes. If you would send me your email address, I will put together a bunch of things for you.
Again, no pressure, I am offering my services, but will not hound you about it, just want to share these great recipes



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Here are some recipes that we use that are quick and healthy:

- chalupas (i.e. tostadas) with canned fat-free refried beans, 2% shredded cheese, lettuce, salsa, and fat-free sour cream (just heat the chalupas in a toaster oven until the oil in them starts to sizzle and heat the beans in the microwave
- turkey hotdogs (we use buns with less than 100 calories each and hot dogs with 50 cals or less each) with condiments and 2% cheese
- tacos with soy crumbles, lean ground turkey or precooked frozen sliced chicken breast with low-cal tortillas (try La Tortilla Factory brand), lettuce, salsa, etc.
- mac & cheese (use the "lighter prep" directions to really cut down on calories and fat; we also like the new Whole Wheat kind from Kraft)
- breakfast for dinner with egg beaters scrambled eggs and whatever toppings (cheese, ham, etc.) with toast, center-cut bacon (which is actually healthier than turkey bacon). Sometimes we'll have french toast instead of scrambled eggs, using the egg beaters here too

Also, try using a crock pot to make stews, soups, roasts, chicken & dumplings, etc. These can cook all day and be ready to eat when you get home.

I've found healthy, quick recipes in Weight Watchers cookbooks, but I've often modified them because they have a tendency to be bland. Also, check out the new Hungry Girl cookbook (or subscribe to her daily emails). She has great tricks for low cal foods. allrecipes.com is also good for recipes and don't be afraid to modify recipes with low-cal substitutes.


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My neighbor sells Wildtree herbs and spices. Wildtree is all-natural herbs, spices, culinary blends, breads, even desserts! It's all very healthy, no msg, little or no sodium, no preservatives. Everything is quick, easy, and healthy! I've been using the products for about 6 months now, and I love it all! My favorite is the asian ginger plum dressing & marinade, and also the mia bella pasta blend. I can usually make a healthy dinner in 30 minutes, sometimes less. If you want to know more, just let me know, or go to the webiste www.wildtree.com for more info. I'm not a big cook, but I can actually make a home-cooked meal using this!



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www.recipezaar.com, look under recipes/diet/lighter fare or low in... or free of.../healthy.

Another good one is http://www.sparkrecipes.com/ which is the www.sparkpeople.com (a free weight loss web site) recipe website.

On sparkpeople, many dieters swear by the zip lock steam 'n bags. Throw in some veggies, chicken or fish, and seasoning, and microwave for a quick healthy meal. The zip lock website has some good recipes. I've tried the balsamic glazed salmon and it was great!


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