Looking for Quick and Easy Meals Such As....

Updated on October 18, 2011
J.K. asks from Oak Forest, IL
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What I have on my menu this week so you have an idea of quick and easy and cheap....Let me know if you think of anyhting else.
Egg Salad sanwhiches
Whole wheat pasta and sauce
Sloppy Joes

We are barely ever both home until late at night and I like to do a quick something easy if you catch my drift. :)
I have a bunch of recipes and ideas for when we have time to cook at home and enjoy a nice sit down meal I am more looking for quickies :)

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answers from Dallas on

brown ground beef, drain, add taco seasoning. Use that to make tacos, quesadiilas or nachos. Make a triple batch of meat and use for dinner 3 nights.
buy a rotisserie chicken, make a box of stove top stuffing and steam a bag of frozen veggies.
french bread pizza, slice the bread, top with sacue cheese and whatever else you happen to have and broil.
ravioli - buy a bag of frozen ravioli in the freezer section of grocery store. Boil for 3 to 4 minutes and top with jarred tomato or alfredo sauce. You can also fry them for a party appetizer.

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answers from Phoenix on

My quickie is tostadas. I always keep the premade shells in the pantry with a can of refried beans. I always have lettuce and shredded cheese in the fridge as well as salsa/hot sauce. There you go~! Everyone loves them!

Also, not quite as fast but easy and cheap too: Chili mac: make 2 boxes of mac and cheese, dump in 2 cans of chili and heat. Serve alone or with a salad or corn on the cob.

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answers from Detroit on

Chili is really fast...
Brown beef and onions.
Add 1 TBS. garlic, salt, tomatoes, tomato sauce, beans, pkg. of chili mix, dash cumin.
Let simmer.
BAM! Chili

My family loves hamburger hot pot...
Mix 2 lbs. burger with a little seasoning - salt, pepper, worcestershire, beef boullion granuals
Shape into small patties and place in 9x13 pan.
Add sliced potatoes, carrots, and onions to top.
Sprinkle with salt and pepper and just a little water.
Tightly seal with foil.
Cook at 400 for an hour.
(You can slice veggies before hand and store in water in fridge to save time later.)


Chicken Fajitas...
Cut chicken and marinate all day in lime juice and fajita seasoning.
Sautee chicken, red peppers, and onion in pan til chicken is cooked and a little seared/brownish.
Wrap in tortillas with cheese and sliced avacodos.
Serve with beans.

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answers from Dallas on

You need this book! "Campbells easy family recipes". It has been a big time saver for us! Most recipes have less than 5 ingredients,and are super quick to make and they are all normal things you usually have on hand, nothing exotic or weird the kids will sniff at. Here is a link I found...you should look into this!




answers from Pittsburgh on

"You're looking for more quickies"? Aren't we all? LOL LOL

OK, seriously, how about soup and sandwiches?
Burgers on the grill or George Foreman with a salad?
Chili in the crockpot?
Tuna salad (with diced apples) on croissant?



answers from Dallas on

Soup! That's my go-to when I'm looking for quick, healthy and cheap. My favorites are taco soup, green chili chicken and vegetarian vegetable. I keep them in the freezer in single-serve portions and they only take a few minutes to thaw and warm.


answers from Philadelphia on

the response I've been getting is crock pot meals..i've started doing them and it works great



answers from Chicago on

Breakfast dinner is a favorite for something quick and easy in our house. We also can throw together veggie tacos or fish tacos really quick.

We buy pre-washed, bagged greens too so making salads are never a pain when we're in a rush.


answers from Minneapolis on

I have a roast in the crock pot today, with carrots fingerling potatoes and onions form the farmers market. We season easily with dry packes of Ranch, Itialian and brown gravy (2 of each as hubby and dd hate anything resembling bland). I mix the packets in a jug with water and pour over the roast in the crock out then add the veggies all around it, let it cook all day.

I do an Olive Garden Pasta Figioli copycat soup recipe I got online. Basically hamburger, several beans (red, dark red and white), celery and carrots, beef stock, canned tomatoes, a few seasonings..then add soem pasta at the end. I always make a HUGE pot and we have around for several days (teen takes to school for lunches..we have with a salad or sandwiches for a dinner or lunches on a weekend, etc). Its hearty or my hubby would not eat it...he says soup is a beverage..LOL. But this is chuncky and thick like a chili or stew would be and goes a long way for meals for us jsut by adding the bread, salad or sandwich as a side.

I plan to make mid week next week as I am having another steroid shot in my neck. The last one left me out of action for several days. This will carry us thru the long weekend I am off work. I know everyone will eat well, without needing to spend alot of money eating out!

Good luck!


answers from New York on

crockpot beef stew
crockpot lentil soup
chicken cutlet wraps - easy grilled or baked or fried boneless chicken cutlets on a wrap with mozzarella cheese and spinach, and anything else you like. you can put dressing on it or mayo.
spinach and feta cheese quiche. VERY easy - buy premade pie shell and you're all set.



answers from Los Angeles on

Spaghetti w/meat sauce, salad & garlic bread

Ground beef tacos, refried beans

Rotisserie chicken, potato or macaroni salad picked up from grocery

Penne pasta w/peas, diced ham & alfredo sauce

Taco salad (browned grd beef, lettuce tomatoes, kidney beans, 1,000
island dressing, crushed doritos, corn....all mixed together)

Chinese orange chicken (in froz section) served w/white rice

Lasagna (not quick but easy)

Soup night (good kind. p/u from grocer...tomato bisque, clam chowder),
mixed salad from bag & french bread

Pizza (homemade or delivery) :)

Tamales (refrig section of store. Have one hand), refried beans, corn

Edit: chicken tacos (chicken from rotisserie or Louis Rich southwestern
strips ((not as cheap but easy and quick))

Chili from can & biscuits or cornbread from Jiffy



answers from Savannah on

Chili with canned beans and a packet of seasoning
rice bowls (rice, chicken, veggies, choice of sauce)
Soup and grilled cheese
fajitas with seasoning packet, meat, and bag of frozen onions and peppers mix



answers from Des Moines on

DOUBLE your Sloppy Joe recipe and then make home made pizza with the leftovers!!!!! It's my favorite home made pizza! I use a home made whole wheat crust, leftover sloppy joes, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms and co-jack or cheddar cheese. But there a gazillion crust options-- Boboli, Pillsbury, Trader Joe's dough, tortillas or flat bread, or English Muffins. Personally when I have a few days off I make up a batch of pizza dough, pre bake and freeze (like Boboli, but home made and frozen instead of preserved-- makes home made pizza FASTER than Delivery!)

Leftover Sloppy Joe's freeze wonderfully if you're not in the mood to use them soon too.

Breakfast for supper is awesome too! My 3 year old son's current favorite supper is "Babies and Sausage" (Dutch baby and sausage links-- FAST and EASY) http://allrecipes.com/recipe/dutch-babies-ii/detail.aspx

When you do have time to cook at home think ahead to the nights when you won't-- double your meatloaf recipe and make mini meatloaves to freeze- a mini meatloaf, a microwave baked potato and "something green" is one of my favorite quick suppers.

You can Shred and freeze left over beef or pork roast or cooked chicken to pull out for BBQ sandwiches or pizza or tacos or quesadillas or stir fries or fried rice...


answers from Los Angeles on

quick is easy- frozen pizza. Now quick and healthy is another. These are my quickies.

Costco frozen stir fry vegetables, costco frozen brown rice, add a can asian flavored gluten, or leftover chicken, and flavor with a bottle of terriaki sauce.

veggi burgers. oven sweat potato french fries.



answers from Chicago on

We like to make mini pizzas with whole wheat english muffins. I slice them and pop them under the broiler for a couple min to toast them. Then the kids get to each make their own, they spread on some pizza sauce, turkey pepperoni and cheese. Then back under the broiler for a couple more minutes. add some bagged salad and garlic bread and dinner is done in about 15 min. Fun, quick, liked by all, and relatively healthy.



answers from Dover on

Surprisingly fast and easy to make:

Marinate chicken breasts all day (in whatever marinade you like)

When you get home bake them for 30 min in 375 degree oven.
While they are baking, put potatoes in the microwave for baked potatoes
Serve with a salad (that you can get from a bag mix and add any extra you want.

So, baked chicken, baked potatoe and a side salad. Good, healthy, well rounded meal in thirty or less.

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