Looking for Private Swimming Lessons

Updated on April 03, 2008
S.S. asks from Virginia Beach, VA
4 answers

My 5 year old son took swimming lessons at the rec center last year and although he did learn a little I am looking to get him into private lessons with less disraction. I had lessons like this when I was younger and remember loving them. So anyone with recommendations bring them on!

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answers from Norfolk on

If you're looking for private, one-on-one lessons, Dive Quarters on Laskin Rd in VA Beach is a great place to go. My 2-yr old is currently taking ISR (Infant Swimming Resource) lessons there, and a friend's 6-yr old is taking regular lessons. They're rather pricey, but you get one-on-one attention and the parent doesn't have to get in the water!


answers from Allentown on

Hi S.,

Have you thought about contacting the YMCA nearest you?

They offer swimming lessons.

Hope this helps. D.



answers from Roanoke on

I am pretty sure the YMCA offers private lessons. I have not used them personally, but the instructors seem engaged.



answers from Norfolk on

The rec ctrs. also offers private lessons. Private lessons are usually held on Sunday's before the pool opens (the pool does not open until 12 noon on Sunday). There aren't very many that request private lessons, so most may not be aware.

If you are a military dependent, I believe Oceana offers private lessons also. They used to.

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