Looking for Preschools near the Woodlands, TX

Updated on January 26, 2006
S. asks from Spring, TX
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I live close to The Woodlands and Oak Ridge North, TX area. I need some feedback on preschools for 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds, too. I just don't know where to begin looking. Thanks.

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answers from Houston on

S., my kids both go to Resurrection Lutheran Early Learning Center right off of I-45 and Cypresswood across from Lowes and Home Depot on Holtzwoth. My son (4) started there last year in thier 3 year old class on Tue & Thurs. This year he's going MWF and I have my DT (2) in their 2 year old class which only goes 1 day a week on Monday's. They are there from 9am til 1pm and they bring a bag lunch from home and eat lunch with their friends. I just love this place. My hb and I are not religious folks at all, so I was hesitant on sending them to a religious base program, but we thought the exposure to it would not hurt. They don't totally harp on the religion but introduce it enough to where the kids have a basic understanding of it. The teachers have all been there 8-15 years each, while my 2's teacher actually went to school there herself when she was a child. The teachers all give very loving attention to the children, which was my attraction to the place as well as the fact that the teachers have all been there for a long time, as oppose to some places that will hire just about anyone. The program and how they bring the kids along is just tremendous. My 4 yr old can now write all the letters of the alphabet and he's already spelling basic 3 letter words. They have gentle disclipline procedure. The price can't be beat either, for both kids I pay $193.50 per month because you get a discount when you have more than one child in the program. I don't know how close this place is to you, but its so convenient for us.

We checked out a couple of other places b4 we ended up here, as you should too. We looked at a couple of Montosorri programs, aside from being way over priced (one was $375/mo, it just felt like they wanted my child in their program so they can have another paying body and it just did not give me that warm and comfy feeling. Here I feel like they genuinely care for my children as well as their developement.

Hope this helps.

RLELC - ###-###-####



answers from Houston on

Hi S. my son is going to child time on Rayford but Im not happy I looked into primrose acc. They were high but they have so much to offer with a pre-k inside the school it was great I think I am going to put his name on the list.



answers from Houston on

Hi - My son (3 1/2 yrs) has been going to Children of the Woodlands for the past year now. I am an absolutely picky mom when it comes to safety procedures, quality staff, and such, and I highly recommend them. Though, they are a bit hard to get in to. Children of the Woodlands is a party of The Woodlands United Methodist Church though you are not required to be a member of the church. They go through pre-first. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about them. Good luck!

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