Looking for Preschool in Sauganash

Updated on October 06, 2008
M.M. asks from Chicago, IL
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I'm looking for a good preschool in the Sauganash area for my 4.5 daughter. I know I'm late in looking for one now but I really need something in the afternoons. Since we live in Sauganash I'd like to find a preschool in my area.


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My daughter attends Sauganash School for the Young Years on Peterson & Forest Glen I love it and couldn't recommend it more highly. They have 4 immediate openings for 4-yr olds in their MWF 12:15- 2:45 p.m. group. Their number is ###-###-####. Good luck!



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I've known families who have sent their kids to the preschool at North Park Covenant Church and been very happy with it. It's a coop preschool. The University close by is a stabilizer in the neighborhood around the church. I think they have a morning and afternoon class, each three days a week. If we still lived in the area that's where our son would be. I don't know if they still have openings or not.




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Soloman has a good preschool but may be too late. try asking the principal if they have openings.



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I'm planning to send my daughter to Wonder Montessori on Pulaski(right by the Peterson Park entrance) -- clean and well run -- they have good grasp of the Montessori principles too. Don't be too turned off by the outside-- it may look a little like an office building but it is really homey inside and a side door opens up to a nice playground. Good Luck!

ALso... if you are willing to drive a little I've heard good things about the pre-school run by the Niles Park District (on Caldwell and Howard)



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My son went to All Aboard Learning Express for the last few years but just for Summer Day Camp. We are thinking of sending our younger son there when he gets of age.

I think this is a well run, secure and very nice preschool.

All Aboard Learning Express
4008 W Rosemont Ave
Chicago, IL 60646

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