Looking for Preschool in Los Feliz/Silverlake/Hollywood Area

Updated on January 21, 2010
B.W. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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Hi everyone,

We've relocated to the Los Feliz area of LA (90027) and I am trying to find a preschool for my 3.5 yo, where she can start at ASAP on a part-time basis. She previously attended a Montessori in San Diego and liked it a lot. I didn't see many Montesorri's in the area.

I called a few preschools, and of course, there are waiting lists galore. =-)

Any ideas/recommendations?

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Thank you so much for all your help!! It's a wonderful surprise to get such great feedback.



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Hi! Not sure if you are still looking but there is an excellent school in Hollywood that opened in fall 2009 called the Children's Center Preschool. All the teachers are master teachers, and the director, Deborah Wyle, previously founded the Oaks elementary school in the Hollywood Hills area. The teachers and director are really in tune with the children and their needs. They do kids yoga, plant a garden and are into nature and organic living. Here's the link: http://childrenscenterpreschool.net/



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Welcome to the East Side! Try Hilltop, Silverlake Independant JCC, Rose Sharlan, Los Feliz Corners or LA Family. Google will get you the numbers. Good luck!



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If you like Montessori, Shir Sharim (aka Hollywood Montessori) has 2 locations. Great school. We also loved Exploring Minds in Van Nuys. Glendale Montessori could be a good option too. Good luck!-www.weelicious.com



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how about the Eagle Rock Montessori? that's not too far..just avoid the Montessori on Echo Park Ave..not that it's a bad school but a shooting just happened next door 3 days ago. i'm going to send my son to Kids Klub in Pasadena but there's a 6 to 9 months waiting list



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My name is D. Markovic and I am the Concierge for Jewish Education at the Bureau of Jewish Education in LA. I help families find the Jewish parenting groups, preschools, day schools, religious schools and camps that meet their needs best. Should you be interested in looking into Jewish preschools in the Silverlake/Hollywood area, I can help. One excellent option in particular, has no waiting list. Feel free to contact me anytime; the Concierge service is complimentary!

D. Markovic
Concierge for Jewish Education
Bureau of Jewish Education of Greater LA



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If you like the montessori style, you can try Baxter Montessori in Echo Park. My daugher went there for a year, and ultimately we decided to move her. We have her at Los Feliz Corners, which is a lot less structured, but we LOVE it. I just started my 3 year old son there this week and it is going great. It seems messy and chaotic when you first visit, but my daughter has been there for almost a year and is thriving. She's learned a ton, is reading and doing simple addition, and is socially doing great. Neither of these schools tend to have wait lists.



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Welcome to Los Feliz. I live in Hollywood near the Bowl. My daughter goes to the Hollywood School House. It is lovely. I do not know if they can take you in but you can try. The number there is ###-###-####.

There is also the Sunshine Shack and Hollywood Pres.

Good Luck,

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