Looking for Preschool and Pediatrician in Cypress Area

Updated on August 10, 2009
L.P. asks from Houston, TX
8 answers

Anyone have a good preschool and also pediatrician they would recommend? We live in Cypress near Barker Cypress and West. Thanks so much!

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answers from Houston on

Like many others, we use Steeplechase Pediatrics.

As far as daycares, we use Brentwood Childrens Academy at Eldridge and 529. LOVE IT. Price is much more reasonable than some of the others (and yes, we would have paid more) but for some reason, this place just stuck with us. We really like it.

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answers from Houston on

Hi L.,

Can't help with preschool, but the pediatrician I have used for all 3 boys for 13 years is Dr. Mario Garza, Steeplechase Pediatrics at Skinner and Spring Cypress in Cypress. ###-###-#### is their number. He is an excellent doctor and is board certified in pediatrics! All of the doctors there are great.

Good luck!



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I have heard good things about Wee Wuns, but since you are a working mom that may not work for you if you need care beyond 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. I highly recommend St. John Lutheran ECC. I cannot say enough good things about the school, the staff, the before and after school program, the curriculum, the Christian foundation and the things she has learned about values (right vs. wrong/sharing/treating others with love and respect/following directions, learning in a fun and loving environment, etc.) I can go on and on....

The most important feedback I can give you is that every experience and contact I have EVER had with the school has been and is caring, loving and respectful. The children's care, safety, feelings, concerns and well being always come first in a spirit of love. They are treated as people and not just kids. That means a lot to me as a parent.

Dr. Marie Salmeron at Texas Children's Pediatrics Association on the corner of 1960 and Fallbrook. She is the absolute best!



answers from Houston on

Can't help you with the pediatrician, but Copperfield Baptist Church has an excellent preschool program. Both of my grandchildren have gone there and loved it.

Your commute to school would be really easy--just go up West Road toward Hwy. 6, turn right, and the church is on your left a hundred yards or so up Hwy. 6.

The little ones (3 and under) go to school only two days a week, I think, Tues. & Thurs. 4 years and up go three days, Tues., Wed., Thurs. (both from 9:30 to 2:00)

Hope this helps you.



answers from Houston on

My son went to Cypress Montessori for 3 years and is about to start Kindergarten. He is totally prepared. Great school! It is located at 290/Huffmeister (next to Cy-Falls HS).



answers from Houston on

Preschool...I cannot say enough about WeeWuns off of Cypress North Houston by Huffmeister. It may be a bit out of the way for you but they are well worth it!

Pediatricians, I LOVE the one I bring my children to. I use FM 1960 Pediatrics. They have branches throughout the area and include after hours and weekend "sick" appointments at some of their locations. The location I go to is in the medical professional building right there at 290 and Huffmeister (next to hospital). They are all very friendly there and between Drs. Tiffany Nguyen and Jennifer Trotter, I think most of my community is seen by them.

I've never dealt with Dr. Trotter but have yet to hear a bad thing about her. Dr. Nguyen is my favorite just because of the treatment she gives my children. She is a very petite woman and makes me, at 5'4", feel like a giant. I think my kids felt comfortable around her at first because of this. Once they got to know her, they loved her for how she interacts with them. She likes to know about the whole family, not just the child in question, knows who you are and your history just from walking in the door...not having to look through the file for the info, she is friendly and knows how to communicate with the kids. Mine are 3, 5 and 12. When the 12 year old asked if he needed shots before his exam was done, she chuckled, asked him if he wanted one, then told him to "go home". My 3 & 5 year olds fight over who's Dr. Nguyen she is. It's fun as you are bringing them to preschool each day!

There have been times I have needed a child seen quickly and she is just booked solid, the office gives me as many options as they can so my child can be seen by someone we are comfortable with and as quickly as possible. Dr. Nguyen passed by us on a very busy day, backed up, walked into the room with an inquizative look on her face to see what was wrong and wish us well prior to running off to her next appointment. My 5 year old was super sick this past winter with a fever that came over him VERY quick. Whe he went from normal to 105 fever within an hour, I called! They had me go to the Cypresswood location for the after care hours and because he was so sick, they kept him there for almost 2 hours making sure they tested what they needed, he got some of the medicine he needed and his fever was able to come down from such a high number prior to letting him go. I have total trust in this practice and would feel comfortable with taking any child there because the level of care has been great!



answers from Houston on

I also take my kids (11 & 13) to 1960 Pediatrics in the North Cypress Medical Center. My kids have seen Dr Kamini Muzumdar their entire lives. Very patient, kind, good repoire with kids, and very conservative. My kids love her.

I also have heard many wonderful things about WeeWuns. My kids went to Cornerstone Methodist Mothers Day Out (years ago) which is located in Copperfield on Park Ridge. It also has a great reputation. Their focus is on socialization and school preparedness, not education. (Which is exactly what I think a preschool should be, but some people want their 4 year old to learn a second language and become proficient on a computer.) My kids had great teachers there and made wonderful friends. I am still friends with the director and many of the teachers there and they all love their jobs.



answers from Houston on

My oldest just graduated from Little Lambs, at Good Shepherd United Methodist. My middle child will begin attending there this fall. It has a great reputation for preparing children for grade school, and it also gives them a great beginning foundation for Christian faith (if you're also looking for a place to give them a faith foundation). They are so good that you might have to be on a waiting list at this time of the year, but you could register them for next year when registration begins again (I believe in January or February). As far as a pediatrician goes, we absolutely LOVE Texas Childrens Pediatrics of 1960 (actually located off of 290 and Huffmeister). We personally perfer to see Dr. Tiffany Nguyen, but have had great experiences with all of the doctors at this office. It's wonderful to have access to so many great doctors in one office, and they also provide you access to all of the TCPA offices in the surrounding areas for off hours. I don't ever recall a negative experience with any of their doctors, even in the other offices. Their phone number is ###-###-####.

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