Looking for Pres-School in Kansa City, Mo Area

Updated on August 24, 2007
C.M. asks from Kansas City, MO
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I am looking for a pre-school or Montessori School for my 4yr old. I am new to the area from Florida and I could use a little help. We are about 10 minutes from Zona Rosa.


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Hi C.!
Welcome to the area! It's not a Montessori school, but our church has a daycare/preschool. It's located just south of 64th Street on I-29. The Heartland Christian Daycare and Preschool. I'd be glad to get you the number if you're interested. The staff is wonderful and it's a very small environment.

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Faubian Church on 72nd street in Gladstone, is one of the best preschools north of the river.

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Hi C.,
I live by Zona Rosa also, My kids have gone to the Park Hill Education Center right next to Park Hill High School on Barry Road. My 6 year old went there for two years age 3-4 & 4-5.
He had problems with social and emotional skills and they worked wonders with him. My 4 yr old is now going in his 2nd year there and he enjoys it. They have a class that the 3-4 yr olds go two days Mon & Wed and the 4-5 yr olds go 3 days Mon-Wed-Fri they have a morning class and an afternoon class. preschool. They also have other all day programs as well. School # ###-###-####

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Hi C.,
Welcome to Kansas City!! I know it can be frustrating and a little scary when you move to a new place and dont know the area well. Especially when you have children and are trying to get them adjusted as well!
My daughter goes to pre-school within the school district. I am a stay at home mom but it is great for her to get out and be with other children and we have loved her teachers and there are plenty of opportunities to meet the other parents and children your son/daughter comes into contact with. They encourage parent involvement and really allow us to be active in the parties and field trips. They are very safety oriented, they have a great playground and my daughter loves it and has really seemed to blossom there. They have a lot of different time options, some may be full now because the new school year just started but they could put you on a waiting list.
It is the Park Hill School District, ###-###-####.
I hope that helps, if you have any questions you can email me. I would be glad to share any other info on the school. We live in the Parkville area so we are not that far from you.
Good luck and again, welcome to KC!

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