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Updated on March 28, 2013
K.R. asks from Puyallup, WA
6 answers

Hello Moms :) hope your all doing well :)

I am looking for a website that has forums or blogs with other moms due around the same time I am .... the website I found is one I came accross in an email newsletter that I recieved from TheBump.com :) my problem with this specific site is that it is just all so negative :( if you see an earler question of mine you can see that I have fallen under the same nerves that I think all expectant moms have about miscarriage and other complications & trying to keep my mind on the positive & enjoy life as I have it everyday. I was looking for positves about early pregnancy & I found nearly all of the posts were either about miscarriages or fear of .... hmmmm , well thats not what I was going for... :( I know that they are high especially in early pregnancy & I love the fact that we are in a world today that there are so many places for us to turn for support to complete strangers during the tough times other ppl who have been through it as well. I was hoping any of you have any sites that you love? I am not saying that I dont expect to see, read & share with others about all aspects of pregnancy... including the bad... I was just looking for some suggestions other than what I have come accrossed :) thanks Moms

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answers from Chicago on

Maybe BabyCenter or WhattoExpect

I'm signed up for both of them right now, but with this being the 4th baby, I don't scour it as much as I did with the earlier babies, so I'm not sure what the tone is today.

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answers from Victoria on

idk if its exactly what your looking for but its a great spin on the seriouse first time pregnant moms...its full of belly laughs and truth!!!


Its much calmer than the "what to expect" and how i was astonished that my son LIVED he made it past one yr and no one kiddnapped him and he did not die of SIDS - i might have been horomon overload freaking out durring that first year. but the PC is funn light hearted and gives great turn of presenting what is going to happen could happen and what to do. In a fun calm manner

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answers from Washington DC on

Another vote for babycenter.com. Good luck! :)

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answers from Spokane on

I second babycenter.com
I loved that website when I was pregnant.

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answers from Sacramento on


I became friends with many of the moms I met there and have met them in real life now. We moved from BBC to our own private Facebook page now, almost seven years later.



answers from Phoenix on

I bonded with lots of moms on whattoexpect.com when I was pregnant with my first. They group by due month.

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